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message 1: by Rui (new)

Rui Dantas (ruidantas) | 11 comments Hello,

Sorry if this has been answered before, but I couldn't find anything.

I have a doubt about page numbering. The manual says "include all content except for advertisements and preview chapters for other books. Included end material may include acknowledgments, afterwords, appendices, glossaries, indexes, notes, and suggested discussion questions".

One thing I see often at the end of the books is a list of all the books in the same collection (often dozens or even hundreds of books, spanning several pages). I wouldn't call it "advertising", but in the spirit of the rules in the manual I would say it should be excluded (it's not really related to that specific book).

Should this list be included or excluded? Maybe the manual should clarify this? Not sure in other countries, but it is very common in Portuguese books.

Thanks in advance.

message 2: by Banjomike (new)

Banjomike | 5524 comments Lists or previews of other books would be advertising. Some of the Star Wars novels end with 300 pages of extracts from other books and I would call that advertising as well but I'm sure that many books have those pages included in the page count on their GR page.

message 3: by Rui (new)

Rui Dantas (ruidantas) | 11 comments Ok, thank you.

Just to make it clear, what I mean is when a certain book is say the #20 in a collection, and the last page lists the other 19, or all 20, or maybe more when later numbers have already been released. I wouldn't call that advertising, but anyway I haven't considered those pages when I add new editions.


message 4: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 32468 comments Mod
Whether you call that advertising, previews, or something else, it should not be counted in the book's pages.

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