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What The Sloth | 35 comments Mod
First of all you must create to yourself your own demigod character

Create your character following these instructions ( Or your character can be either Annabeth or Grover because they are still available)


Full name






Favourite God




And These are my characters
Name: Percy Jackson

Full name: Perseus Jackson

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Pet: Blackjack black Pegasus

Godparent: Poseidon

Skills/Powers: Water I can do a lot of it and calming down skill

Favourite God:Definitely my dad

Bio: Well OK my name is Percy Jackson and actually I don't personally really like my Full name but my dad likes to use it so it is OK I guess and also my sister and my brother uses my full name and it is OK. So I am son of Poseidon as you all might know. You probably wonder why I like my dad so much and reason is that he is so nice and I also like my uncle Zeus very much indeed. I have one sister and brother. My sister's name is Matilda and my brother's name is Harry. When I am not in school I am here in Camp Half-Blood and I am very nice person and I welcome all new demigods very warmly here.

Wishes: See you very soon
Signature: Percy Jackson

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Raven (crystalofunivalia) | 1 comments Name: Anastasya Reeve

Full name: Anastasya Isabella Night-Downey-Reeve

Age: 15

Gender: female

Pet(s): a pure white horse named Sarabella, an eagle named Goldenfeather

Godparent: Apollo

Skills/Powers: sunlight and archery

Favourite God: my dad but I still like some of the kids from Athena.

Bio: ......I don't remember much about having a family. I was abandoned by my mother at an orphanage. But, then a man by the name of Robert came and took me in as his daughter. I grew up with Robert until I turned fifteen. Then Robert mysteriously disappeared and I met my best friend, Marine. Marine was a water nymph. She led me to Camp Half-blood. I try to keep in touch with her, by leaving messages with some nymphs at camp. I still wake up in the middle of the night, wondering what happened to Robert. Luckily I keep my hopes up. I have a collar necklace with a little sun and a small cross that Robert gave me. Marine also gave me a blue bracelet made from real aquamarine stones from a small pool in Utah.

Wishes:I want to find Robert again and see Marine in Utah.

Signature: Bella Downey

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Adi | 1 comments Name:Adi
Full Name:Adi Kapetanovic
Pets:Pegasus Sparrow
Skills/Powers:Can summon Lightning/Has lightning sword
Favourite God:Apollo,Zeus,Poisedon
Bio:I dont remember lasting at a school longer than 2 years,and in St.Louis I was practice fighting with the trashcan when Ares appeared.We battled and of course,I lost.But when I was 12 I defeated Ares in Chicago.Then a satyr named Lawn came and showed me the camp.Lawn was my best friend since then.
Wishes:To see my family
Signature:Adi Kapetanovic

W.I.T (writer in traning) (ShadowLeader) | 2 comments ((can kronos be a godparent?))

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Peyton Gatewood | 1 comments Name:Phoenix grace
Full name:Phoenix Landry grace
Pets:wolf puppy named sparrow
Godly parent :Poseidon
Skills:bend water and make things from water also has a trident necklace that can turn into anything bow and arrow,sword,guitar,ect
Favorite god:Poseidon,Artemis,Apollo,Zeus
Bio: when I was eleven I was taken to camp half blood and now the only girl in the Poseidon cabin thanks Tyson and percy
Wishes: to be a great hero and for nico di Angelo to be my bf

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Name Max
Full name N/A
Age 15
Pets mini leopard seal
Godly parent proteus
Skills ability to turn into a leopard seal to control water and breathe underwater.
Weapon a necklace that has a seal pendent that when ripped of and thrown to the ground a real seal comes and aids me in battle also a pugio that turns into a ballpoint pen
Favorite god Proteus
Bio I ran away from home and found myself in the wolf house and after Luna tested me said I could join camp Jupiter so I did and ive been there ever since.
Whises to see my dad
Signature Max

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Clara (BRE1024) | 1 comments NAME:Clara Langston
POWERS/SKILLS:Raising skeletons from the dead & music.
WEAPON:A bracelet that can let me control spirits.
FAVE GOD:My dad & Athena.
BIO:When I was 5, I woke up sitting on Thalia's tree, and I have been at camp ever since.
WISHES:To meet Hades.

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NAME: Lillian Marie Tate

GENDER: Female

AGE: 14

PARENTAGE: Daughter of Nemesis and Benjamin Tate (he is just a regular mortal)

APPEARANCE: She has curly black hair that stretches to her waist. She has an average face that is neither distinguished as a great beauty or as ugly. She has very full lips that are very subtle shade of pink. Her nose has a bump that the bridge of it that matches her father's nearly perfectly. Her eyes, however, are striking. They are a bright green that has gold flecks scattered throughout. Her eyes are a huge contrast against her fair, pale skin.

Lillian is one that tends to blend into a crowd. She does not stand out and the way that she dresses reflects that. She can most often be found wearing comfortable jeans and a t shirt in public. She does not put forth effort into her clothes because she doesn't feel that she is pretty enough to become noticed by a boy. She often has her hair tied back in a ponytail because she wants to keep it out of her face. When her hair is down she becomes frustrated by it because it falls in front of her eyes. She is more comfortable with her clothes helping her blend in than helping her stand out.

PERSONALITY: Lillian is a very moody person. She is generally shy and timid around anyone except her friends. She tries to keep people from seeing her true emotions. She tries to keep to herself because she knows that she can effectively avoid conflict. She only accepts confrontation when it is most necessary.

When someone offends her, however, she completely shifts gears. She has a hair trigger and temper and can be easily set off. When she hears people being bullied she immediately grows angry and sets out to correct the problem. When she becomes so enraged that she can hardly control herself is when she strikes the most viciously. When she is helping someone who is being teased she tells the bully off, but never lies. She only says things that she knows are 100% true.

Lillian hates being lied to. When she discovers that someone has tricked her she believes it is only fair to do the same in return. She is actually rather spiteful when she has been lied to or a prank has been played on her. She hates to be humiliated.

HISTORY: Lillian has suffered from a difficult past. When she was just 8 years old her father died. His death was the result of a tragic even that happened while he was on his way home from work. She was with her grandmother when the police came to the door to report the horrible news.

Lillian's only remaining family member was her grandmother. Her grandmother, however, was too old to care for Lillian, and she was placed into the foster system. She struggle with the families that adopted her because she was too damaged to let them in emotionally. She could not connect with them, and they did not know what to do to draw her out of her shell.

When she was 12 she was placed into a home with a single women. She had no husband and no children of her own. Because this women was also alone Lillian found herself able to develop a connection, and the two became friends.

When Lillian came home from school one day she called out for her new mom. Her mom wasn't home, however, and their was a knock on the door. When she opened it, it was her best friend Luke. He was saying strange things to her, and finally revealed himself to be a satyr about to take her to Camp Half-Blood.

She grabbed what little she had, and left a note for her mom. It pained her more than anything to leave the safety of her mother's embrace without even a goodbye, but Luke said time was of the essence. They left that day, and were on the run for monsters for 9 days as they made their journey to camp. They lived in cardboard boxes, and defended themselves as best as they good, but they eventually make it. She is still adjusting to life at the camp after her time on the run, and thinks of her mother often.

DEMIGOD ABILITIES: She has the ability to blend in with the environment when she is in danger.
Can tell when anyone is lying to her or see through any illusion

WEAPON OF CHOICE: She prefers a sword crafted of Celestial Bronze. The sword is unadorned and average to match her personality and appearances.

FATAL FLAW: Her fatal flaw is the need to extract vengeance.

CRUSH/BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND: She has a crush on a boy named Trevor who is a son of Hermes. There is indication that he may like her as well.

OTHER INFO: Her nickname is Lily
She blames her birth mother for all her years of struggle because she was never there.
Each winter she goes to her father's grave and places a bouquet of tiger lilies there.
Her camp bracelet has two beads on it currently.

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Lizzy Name: LIZZY


Age: 16

Gender: Female (der)

Pet(s): A wolf that follows me around

Godparent: Artemis (Yeah I know she can't have kids...but she's like Athena

Skills/Powers: Fight good since Artemis is goddess of hunt, can set up camp anywhere anytime using anything. My weapon is a Silver Dagger/knife with crystals built into it

Favorite God(dess): My Mom and Athena

Bio: Hey I'm Lizzy. I love the wilderness and camping! Also I have the wolf that follows me. It appears in strange places. O_o


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Name: Arya

Full Name: Arya (i got this name from a book. in the book she has no last or middle name)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Pet(s): A green dragon. we have had a special internal connection since she hatched.

Weapon: I have Chains that have different celestial bronze or imperial gold blades hanging on them so i can just graab one and im ready to fight. i have this one blade that can change from a ring to a dagger or a sword and back again. it is made of stars.

immortal parent: Asteria

Skills/Powers: when the stars shine bright in the night my strength heals and rises. i am good with swords, daggers, and sharpened shards of blades i can throw. when i sleep i can see fragments of the future. I can always tell where i am when it is night.
(Asteria is the Titan goddess (perhaps) of the oracles and prophecies of night, including prophetic dreams, the reading of the stars (astrology), and necromancy.)

Favorite immortal: Asteria

Bio: My Father has been really ill sine i was 5. he basically lives in the hospitle. i raised myelf from then on. i like to be me and i dont care what other people think of me.

Description: i wear ripped black skinny jeans with a silver/gold top with a black hoody. with the chains and blades. i weare my ring that can be a sword or dagger. i am tall with long slightly curly light brown hair and gold/silver eyes.

personality: intimidating and tough but if your a good friend i can be kind and understanding.

Wishes: to have my father healthy.
(sorry if i got too carried away)

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Tia Austin | 1 comments can i have more than 1 godly parent like they cheated on eachother

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Megan Garrett | 1 comments Name:Paisley

Full name:Paisley Rose Cartwright

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Pet(s): Archer , her Pegasus (dark grey with black specks)

Godparent: Zues

Skills/Powers: atmokinesis (control of the weather)

Favourite God : Besides my dad it would have to be Athena. Shes involved in the human world and its very wise. I respect her a lot.

Bio: Due to her godly parent being one of the big three she has been living at camp half blood since she was 7 years old. She was fine with this as she never got along with her foster parents (her mom died giving birth to her) and hated going to school. She could never sit in still for hours at a time in the classrooms. She enjoys archery although her favorite weapons are her two gold daggers.

Crushes:After loosing her boyfriend a year ago in the war shes is starting to like a boy named Jake from the Apollo cabin.

Personality:Very moody. Can come off a as mean but really is just guarding herself .Once you get to know her a little more she is very kind and caring. She doesn't trust easily. However, if shes your friend she will protect you with her life.

Description: Long golden blonde hair , grey/blue eyes, pink cheeks, pale in winter , tan in summer, height is 5'4.

Wishes: to be able to control he weather powers

Signature: Paisley Rose Cartwright

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Spidercrow213 | 2 comments Name: Josh McCaw

Age: 12

Gender: boy

Pet: hell hound

Immortal parent: Pluto

weapon: dagger

Skills/powers: Controls the dead, great fighting skills, Cryokineis, manipulates darkness, shadow travel, Geokinesis,

Bio:2 days after 12th birthday I was attacked at my house and a faun saved me and lead me to camp Jupiter.

personality: tough, likes to be alone a lot, and loyal

description: black curly mini Afro, brown skin, wears black jeans, red Chicago Bulls hat, black Punisher shirt, red jacket, dark brown eyes,5'1

Wishes: To meet Pluto

Signature: Josh McCaw

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Anna Name: Anna
Age: 11
Gender: Girl
Pet: Pegasus
Godparent: Athena
Skills: very smart, has good battle strategies
favorite god: Definitely my mom
Bio: I've been going to Camp Half Blood since I was 7. My father died so I came here. She misses her dad, but loves being at Camp Half Blood.

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Jackson Goss | 4 comments Name: Vince Di Angelo
Full name: Vince James Di Angelo
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Pet: Cerberus ( I share him with my bro nico.)
Godparent: Pluto
Skills/Powers: All The powers Nico and hazel have. Good with dual swords and bow and arrow.
Favorite God: Hades hands down.
Bio: I lived with Nico and Bianca then our mom died so We they were hid in Lotus Hotel but I vanished and appeared at the Roman camp they taught me until I was nine. Then My dad found me in the underworld and trained me I watched over Nico and Bianca the whole time she was on her quest. When Nico got to the underworld finally we trained and it went on from there.
Wishes: To see Bianca again and meet Hazel afer the big prophecy
Signature: VJDA
Adding to the bio: I trained with my father, Achilles, Theseus, Atlanta, Odysseus, Bellephron, and Perseus. Ect. I trained with almost all the heroes. (Not Hercules or Orion.) I have never been to camp Half-Blood.
Fatal Flaw: I have to get revenge on the people who hurt me or my family.
Relationship: None, Cold hearted to every on except my family which is my dad, Nico, and Hazel someday. Used to have a crush on Reyna but found out she likes Jason.
Appearance: Unusual blonde surfer hair that always gets in my eyes. Black eyes. Well toned but not big and muscly. Always wears black. Punisher hoodie. Any pants Hoodie is always up when outside.
Other: I'm Roman, hates Zeus and most other gods.

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Tera (TTT7) | 1 comments Name: Cath Williams

Full name: Cathrine Elizabeth Williams

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Pet: A ghost-cat from the underworld. It has been following me ever since I met it.

Godparent: Ares.

Skills/powers: I am slightly short tempered but far from as bad as my siblings. Instead I can control other people's feelings. Usually I can only make them angry, but if I try hard enough I can also change there feelings slightly from eg. sad to happy and from happy to sad.

Favorite god: Apollo and Hestia. Plus I really dislike my dad and his 'methods'.

Bio: My mom was a racer, but she died when her car blew up in a race. I was 11 at that time. I lived by my aunt and uncle for 3, since they were my only close family left. They live on Long Island and we went picnicking one day in a green area near by. I went out to look around in the forest but suddenly got Iost. That was when the monster attacked: out of no wear a giant wolf jumped out. I of course ran as fast as I could but it followed me. Luckily it got slowed down by the close standing trees that little me easily could slip between. At last, after what felt like infinity, it seemed to stop and then disappear. All the running had exhausted me to the very last drop of energy and I fell to my knees. I had no idea where I was and I started to cry out for help. The suddenly a small red glow lit up between the trees in the distance. I small hope made me get up and follow the light. At last it got me to a big pine tree on a hill and the light appeared to be a shining boar. With my very last strength I got to the top of the hill besides the pine tree and passed out. When I woke up I found myself lying in a bed. Besides was a blonde guy sleeping in a chair. I could the panic growing in me and I got out of bed and was about to round to the nearest exit when someone grabbed my wrist and in a smooth movement pinned me to the bed. Over me the blonde guy had my arm held down above my head and one of his knees between my legs. The other arm was leaning on the bed besides my head and his left leg was still on the floor. "Where do you think you're going?" His facial expression wasn't harsh, just determined. Then I started crying and told him what had happened and that I just wanted to find my aunt and uncle. When I finished crying he told me to go sleep and that he'd explain everything when I woke up again. So I did and when I woke up he explained: What had happened, where I was, why I was here, if my family were okay. It was something about a wolf goddess being mad at someone here in 'the camp' and therefor sent her wolves out after them. He also told me that his name was Joe and that he was son of Hermes.

After that, I got into camp and got used to the life here.

My father claimed me after I got into a fight with a guy I later realized was my brother (yeah awkward). I met a girl named Beck, daughter of Demeter, and we became best friends. She was a bit older than me, 16 I believe, so she'd been in the camp for a long time and taught me a lot. I also met this guy named Danny, son of Hecate. He's a bit of an ADHD kid, and worse than many campers. A year after I got into camp, the three of us plus Joe took on a mission to the underworld to help Hades out of trouble, because he apparently needed some help only demigods could perform. Beck died on that mission protecting us and it broke my heart.

Also I might be crushing on Joe but I'm too proud to admit it, even though Danny has been giving me 'hints' about Joe liking me back. I'm just having a hard time believing him, and what if I told him and he doesn't like me?

Wishes: Too see my mom and Beck again.. Just one time.

Appearance: Red-ish hair and caramel eyes eyes. I normally wear worn jeans, t-shirts, sneakers and a hoodie. I always got scrapes and scratches on my cheeks.

Signature: CW

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Lena | 1 comments Name:Ellie Hurado.

Full Name: Elizabeth Anya Hurado.

Age:951(looks 14).

Gender: Female.

Pet: A white wolf.

Godly Parent: Hecate.

Skills/powers: I can use my magical powers to fly, change my appearance, confuse enemies and create illusions. Also I have low level hypnosis powers. I use the standard Huntress of Artemis gear, but I also use my powers to fight. Finally, I can create portals that transport me anywhere.

Favourite God: Hestia, Athena and Hades.

Bio: I was born in the English countryside. However, after my dad died in a car crash when I was two, my mother took me to London. I lived there for another nine years- but odd things kept happening. One time I was out walking through the park. I saw a strange man following me. Weirdly, when he was about ten metres away, I really wanted to go to sleep. The only reason I didn't was because I heard this voice in my head, and the feeling left. I ran straight home to tell my mother. After a while, she just stared at me and whispered that it was time. Next thing I knew, she told me I was adopted. My mother had to leave, and no one knew who my father was. I handled it well, but obviously I was upset. That night my mother went out and left me in the apartment. She didn't come back... I checked my phone and saw a text telling me to quickly pack a bag, grab the kitchen knife, some money and LEAVE! I was confused but did as she said. For the next three years, I went from relative to relative, hoping to find a home. Just after my thirteenth birthday, my Uncle took me to Long Island. I heard that voice in my head again, but it led me to a strawberry farm. When I got there, a girl named Annabeth gasped and pulled me down the hill. That was where I was told by Chiron I was a demigod. I was sent to the Hermes cabin. Two boys tried to steal my locket which I kept memories of my mother in. In anger, I thrust out my hands. Suddenly I rose into the air, and energy crackled in my palm. All of the cabin gasped. I heard them whisper in unison 'Hail Elizabeth Hurado, daughter of Hecate, Goddess of Magic'. I lived at Camp for the next two years, training and the like. Annabeth became my best friend- she taught me things, I taught her minor magic. When I was fifteen the Hunters of Artemis came to Camp. I joined them, and now I am one of them.

Wishes: To see my adoptive mother again.

Appearance: Long black hair, blue eyes and tall. Wears standard Hunters gear.


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Athena M. (greensecondsofpanic) Name: Ki Bane

Full name: Kiera Elysium Bane


Gender: Female

Pet(s): A black wolf named Umbra

Godparent: Hecate

Skills/Powers: I can perform magic, mostly dark magic. I am also very handy with a sword and I love to sword fight. I can control the mist and make people think things that didn't really happen. I know how to shadow travel.

Favourite God: My mom or Hades. Hades blessed me, so that's why he's my favorite.

Apperance: Long brown hair, light purple eyes that change from purple to black to gold in the light. Wears a lot of black but she's not goth.

Personality: Quiet and serious at first, but when you get to know her she's kind and protective. She gets angry if you mention her brother (the whole camp knows what happened to Oliver. Read on to see what happened.)

Bio: I was born and raised in Upstate New York. When I was growing up my dad went insane and my little brother, Oliver, and I were sent to an academy for kids who "didn't have stable homes" We stayed there for about a year but the teachers were mean and crazy, so we ran away. I protected my brother and we survived in the wilderness. Eventually a satyr found us and took us to Camp Half Blood. But along the way, dracanae attacked us. I didn't know how to fight, and the satyr and I were too busy trying to protect my brothers. All of a sudden a wolf jumped onto the dracanae and fought it for us. When we were running away, Oliver became tangled up in weird vines hanging down from a tree. We heard a voice, saying, "Beautiful sacrifices. Beautiful sacrifices indeed." Then Oliver disappeared. I became very depressed from that point on, but we kept trekking to Camp Half Blood. The wolf followed us. The wolf then became my best friend. I named it Umbra because that's latin for dark, and he was a black wolf. When I got to camp, I was claimed by Hecate immediately. I soon fit in at camp, learned to use magic, and became good friends with Nico Di Angelo. His dad, Hades, blessed me with the power of shadow travel.

Wishes: To see Oliver again.

Signature: ~Ki Bane~

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Athena M. (greensecondsofpanic) Tia wrote: "can i have more than 1 godly parent like they cheated on eachother"

If you have more then one godly parent you're not a demigod. You're a god.

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Jackson Goss | 4 comments Name: Vince Blaze
Full Name: Vincent Blaze
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Pets: none (yet)
Godparent: Vulcan
Skills/Powers: Fire abilities. Uses red, orange, or white fire. Can use greek fire when he is very mad. Builds robots that work for him.
Weapons: Silver/ imperial gold dagger. Arm.
Favorite God: None, he doesn't care about any if them and hates his dad.
Bio: When he was little his dad took him away from his mim and taught him to build everything until he was 8. He was returned when his mom died because his father had to take his anger out on someone because Aphrodite dumped him and married his stupid brother. He was mad because Ares , the stupidest olympian ever, stole his wife officially. He took Vince and blessed him after that because he realized what he has done to him because he calmed down and sent his best robot to protect him. It has been his best friend ever since he has reached Camp Jupiter.
Appearance: Dirty blond hair, Eyes have red flames. Arm his really cool looking and can change into any weapon. Where the bone and metal connect their is black gauze.
Wishes: To see hi mom again.
Signature: Vince B.
Other: Has a protector robot named AND-roid.
When he was working for Vulcan his arm was burnt off (before he got the blessing) and fixed himself a metal one after his dad fixed his.

message 21: by Jackson (new)

Jackson Goss | 4 comments Actually he likes Vesta because she blessed him and gave him power o heal with fire and summon any food. Also he can disappear in flames and appear somewhere else like when Nico shadow travels places.

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Joseph | 1 comments ~Alex~ wrote: "Tia wrote: "can i have more than 1 godly parent like they cheated on eachother"

If you have more then one godly parent you're not a demigod. You're a god."

well its possible as long as you have a mortal parent

Sophia_hardings844 | 1 comments Name: Sophia Harding
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Pets: A dire wolf named Sunset
Godparent: Undecided
Skills/Powers: Half-dragon- breathing fire and flying
Weapons: Her dragon parent crafted her a bow and arrows- fire bow and arrows
Favorite God: None seem to like her, and she doesn't care about them that much either
Bio: A tall pale-skinned girl walked up to you, she has long dark brown hair and brown eyes, "Hi! I'm Sophie Hardings. Please! Don't look at my 'back problems' it annoys me. Yes those are my wings. Stop it or I'm calling Sunset. Yes she's a dire wolf. STOP ASKING ME QUESTIONS! Whoops, sorry. No I don't know my god parent. I'll tell you him or her when I know who it is! I was abandoned by my dragon parent and given a foster family. Here's my school. 'Happy Haliey's School for Disfigured Children' it's not happy." she turns to the stairs and groans. A cheerleader sat on the steps. She whispersto another cheerleader, and then starts stalking towards you and Sophie. "Hi meatloaf back she snarled. Her red lips drawn in a smile. You start backing up. What was this half-blood doing with an Empousai! "Hey Taylor" she smiled. A bit of smoke flew from her mouth. "I hope you haven't gotten in any trouble." Sophie smiled. The Empousai smiled weakly. "Y-yes I have." You walk back to Sophie as soon as the cheerleader's gone. "Oh don't worry! She won't hurt me! I'm a monster too." Shocking as it it, you relize it is true. You walk back the way you came to tell Chiron of this new 'half-blood' you found.
Appearance: Tall, skinny, dark brown hair and eyes, wears old sweaters with holes on the back for her deep blue wings. Usally has her bow hidden around her body somewhere
Wishes: She whishes she knew where her parents are.
Signature: Sophie Hardings~
Other/PS: If you meet Sophia, don't make her mad!

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Au'reon Deramus | 1 comments Name:Spruce Green
Pets:A horse named Laven
Skills/Powers: My power is Earth/nature, I can talk yo animals,I can easily grow plants, and I can shapeshift into animals or a plant.
Weapon: A staff made entirely out of ivy (really hard ivy)
Favorite God: Apollo because Apollo plays a big part in the plant process
Bio: Tall kid with black hair and dark brown eyes. Outside admiring nature or in the house playing games were he has nature powers.
Appearence: Tall, Skinny, black hair, dark brown eyes, his green thumb ( If hes mad whatever he touches turns into a plant) has staff disquised as a rake.
Wishes: He could becme a god and go out with Clarisse
Signature: Spruce Green
Other/PS: Best thing to do is be on his good side!!!

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Lorenzoespino0983 | 1 comments Name:Delsin
Age: 21
Skills/Powers:My power is smoke with a little bit of fire so i can turn in to smoke and shoot small fireballs wrapped in smoke,i can also fly,and when i want to i can do an orbital drop
Weapon:A chain i can use my smoke powers to strengthen the chain so it turns in to a powerful whip
Bio:tall,kinda buff,brown hair,blue eyes,artist
Alias's:the smoker,smoke guy

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Alex Jackson | 4 comments Name: Alex Blackthorn
Full Name: Alexandra Elizabeth Blackthorn
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Pet(s): a white wolf named Astrid and a black Pegasus named Hurricane.
Godparent: Poseidon
Skills/Powers: water bending, breath under water, can freeze water and has ice powers (Khione cursed me), talk to horses and sea animals. I'm a good singer. Uses a sword and bow and arrow.
Favorite God: my dad, Artemis and Apollo
When I was 5 my mother went into the alcohol and I scape. I was raised by my self with only a ring that my mother said it was a gift from my father. Then a family found me and adopted me. When I was 9, I saw a boy in a school trip to a museum with my school and he was like me dark hair and green eyes. He waved at me and I waved back, then a teacher took him into the museum and I never see him again.

Then I scape from my adoptive family when they told me that my mother died in a scar accident. I follow the voice in my head to go somewhere. There was a hellhound that was about to kill me, but the voice told me to turn the ring three times, I did and the ring turned into a now and on my back there was a quiver. I shot the hellhound and it die. Then someone named Luke take me into what he called the camp. Camp Half-Blood.

Few days later I saw that boy again the one with green eyes, he told me that he was a son of Poseidon. I believe him because I always thought that the Greek gods exist. He told me that his name was Percy Jackson.

My father didn't claim for a year. One night Percy brought a pair of new demigods named Bianca and Nico Di Angelo, Bianca went on a quest and I stayed with Nico. He was like me lonely and hurt, we make friends so quickly. When Percy came back from the quest he tried to get me wet in a water balloon fight, he tried I didn't get wet and then he was looking at me with amazement then all the camp was staring at me, I look up and see a trident above me. Percy hugged me and whispers "sister". I'm Poseidon's daughter!

Then he became so over protecting with me and I met my other brother Tyson, a cyclops. My best friend was Nico and I had I kind of crush on him.

Wishes: to see my mom again, when she wasn't in the alcohol. Nico to love, Piper says that he likes me.

Alex B.

Appearance: black straighten hair, green sea eyes, pale. Likes to use comfortable clothes.

Personality: kind, but if you mess up with my friends or my brother, consider yourself dead.

message 27: by Emma (last edited Jun 01, 2014 10:04AM) (new)

Emma | 1 comments Name: Emma

Full name: Emma Hunter

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Pet(s): A cheetah named falcon.

Immortal parent: Nike

Skills/Powers: Can run very fast, excels at swordfighting and archery.

Favorite God: Nike and Athena

When I was around 9 years old, I was walking down the street, and suddenly, a man that was dressed in all red, jumped out at me. I could've sworn he had more than one pair of arms! I screamed and looked around franticly. No one seemed to notice. Then, seeing no better option, I ran as fast as I could. I ran for what seemed like half an hour, with the deformed man right behind me. I ran right out of the city and into long island. The strange thing was, I wasn't even sweating! In about five more minutes, I reached a farm that had a pine tree at the top of a hill, leading to a volley ball pit, strawberry orchards and a dozen other odd sites. A goat-man pointed up at me and the monster that was pursueing me. "AAAAAHHH!" I screamed, pointing. Then, another man, whom I later geussed was Chiron, came up and shot an arrow right behind me, and I felt "thump". Ever since then, I've been staying at CHB.
My mom claimed me when there was a race at CHB and you had to run 15 miles to the arena and then have a sword fight with Percy Jackson. Weird huh? Anyways, I won and I guess that mom claimed me because she was proud.

Wishes: That I could return home to a family, though I have none.

Appearance: I have dark hair and dark eyes. I am very skinny and have naturaly tanned skin.

Personality: Really friendly, forgiving and gentle, but in a competition, I will do anything to win.

Crush: I have a crush on a boy from the Nemises cabin, his name is Nicolas Justice.

message 28: by Brook (new)

Brook | 5 comments Name:Blake
Full name: Blake Spallding
Pets:Shadow the gray pegasus,Bones the skeleton cat
Immortal psrent:Hades
Skills/powers:Good with bow and aroow, and anything that Nico can do
Favorite God:Hades,Athena,Artemis
Bio:When Blake turned 6, she and her family were attacked by a pack of hellhounds. Her family died, and she ran away, maybe for 4 hours each day. After 2 years of running away and fighting monsters nonstop, a satyr named Brandon helped her run away from a manticore and helped haer to Camp Half-Blood. After a year,she was finally claimed by her father,Hades.She met a lot of new people and most of all her friends, Bella from Aphrodite,A by from Apollo, Brita from Are, Dara from Athena,Daisy-May from Demeter, Chloe from Dionysus, Brande from Hephaestus, Kesi from Hermes, Bo from Poseidon, Tempest from Zeus, Lulu the nymph, and Brandon the satyr. She also met 2 "famous" camp members, Annabeth and Percy. Blake thought that Percy was hot, but it was obvious that he and Annabeth were dating, as they were called "Percabeth" by other campers.After staying there as a year-rounder for years (she is a daughter of one of the big three, people) she went on her first quest when she was 12. After another quest later that year, she started to have a crush on Aiden McSumner, from the Apollo cabin. The next year had another quest, and she and Aiden started dating on her birthday, October 31st aka Halloween. Ever since, she has been practicing fighting monsters, archery, shadow-travel, summoning the dead and riding her pegasus,Shadow.

Wishes: to visit her dad's place some day and to see and talk to Bianca, her half-sister.

Crushes:Aiden, whom is now her boyfriend

Apperence: Straight black hair with bangs so long it covers her exetremely dark brown/black eyes, pale skin, thin,height: 5'5

Personality: can seem dark, angry, and mean at first, but she was lonely and oly needed a friend.Once you get to know her, she's kind, caring,fun, and funny.

Weapon(s): Her pitch black spear with a leather grip, and a pitch black celistial bronze sword named Skouro Anemos (Dark Wind).

P.S. you should try to get on her good side so in a battle a gainst her, you won't be considered "dead"....

message 29: by Brook (new)

Brook | 5 comments Corrections from my post : parent,arrow, Abby, Ares
psret, aroow, A by, Are

message 30: by Ray (new)

Ray | 1 comments Name: Ray Johnson
Full Name: Raymond Johnson
Age: 15
Pet: A hell hound pup called Ace
Gender: Male
Godparent: Hades
Powers: Command over death and riches.
Fave God: Dad, Apollo
Bio: My mom was a former Hunter of Artemis and had served the huntress of at least 500 years (I know right) and Hades fell for her. When I was born Hades promised mom anything and she asked for enough riches to sustain her long enough. At one point the mansion was attacked by a manticore and I accidentally stuck a huge diamond up his butt. So at the age of 12 mom dropped me off at CHB and I visit her in the winter cuz Im an all rounder at CHB. Currently in a relationship with Amanda McGreen from the Aphrodite cabin.
Personality: Unlike most children of Hades, I am joyous, and am easily provoked, and if angry enough, I could burn down CHB.....
Wishes: To beat Ashton,Son of Ares, in a full armor battle. Also to meet Auntie Persephone and Thanatos. And to give Charon a decent pay raise,:)
Weapons: A Stygian Iron sword called Deathwish, A bow and quiver which literally makes arrows out of nothing, and a Celestial Bronze spear.

message 31: by Jackson (new)

Jackson Goss | 4 comments Full name: Vincent (Blaze no real last name goes by this.)

Age: (Preferably over 12, but under 19) 14

Godly parent:Hestia and Kronos

Mortal parent: none

Gender: male

Siblings: none

Appearance: (Please include: hair color/length, eye color, height, anything else you'd like to add)
dirty blonde medium surfer even though he is not at all, Orange and some specks of gold and black. 5'8, tan/pale skin, well built not bulky but fit.

Clothes: (Please include shoes) Black punisher hoodie, mask that covers mouth and nose, black army pants ,black combat boots

Personality: dark and secretive only likes his family.

Weapon: all mostly dual wield swords of silver, celestial bronze, and stygian iron

Likes: his hellhound ,his family, fighting

Dislikes: Kronos, people who hurt his family, deadbeat dads, woman hurters

Skills: control fire, dead people all things hades kids can do and (time powers never uses though)

Weaknesses:bathed in achilles river left side of stomach.

Fears: Kronos will come back before he is ready secretly

Fatal Flaw: loyalty but mostly hates people for life if they hurt him or friends

Habits: getting really mad at people ho insult his mom

Love interest?: likes thalia sad she joined hunt big secret

Bio: Hestia was raped by Kronos during the first titan war. Had a child 5 years after leto had hers on Leto's island. Grew up hunting with apollo and artemis. Moved to live with Hephaestus at 12 so Zeus didn't find out trained with him by forging only ages 1 year every 100 years. 13 years old goes with hades. Trains with old heroes. Fully immortal like hunters of artemis. Becomes mortal after living with hades and Hephaestus and Hestia in 2000's goes to camp as son of Hephaestus. Now 14 turns mortal because of hades Hestia and Hephaestus to enjoy life.

Not sure if everything I am missing something or I added something new. Sorry Not a demigod but i tried to be creative. Adopted by Hephaestus kind of.

message 32: by Kitty (new)

Kitty Kohut | 1 comments Name: Tianna

Full name: Tianna Rae

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Pet(s): A pure white alicorn named rimfax and a silver deer named luna

Godparent: Artemis

Skills/Powers: I can run faster than sound, Track anything, one of the best archers you will ever meet, and great with animals

Favourite God: My mom but i also love athena

Bio: My dad never really acted like a dad so i spent most of the time outside. when i was 9 my dad bought me my first bow and set of arrows, i have been training with a bow ever since. on my 13 birthday my mom paid me a visit, explained my godly side of the family and i was at camp half-blood. Ever since i've been here the aphroditie kids have had a death wish i dont hate them exactly lets just say they get on my nerves. When im not training i can be found with my animals or reading a book I get along with the athena kids pretty well so i spend most of my time with them. if you dont know me i can seam like a girl with a bad temper, but get to know me and i promis we will have a blast!

Aperance: Long honey brown hair, Blue/ green eyes, My hair is always in a side braid, Silver leggings, White top, Moon earings, black riding boots, Gold arm band,Always have my quiver/ bow with me.

Wishes: My mom would vist camp and let me go off hunting monsters with her

Signature: Tianna Rae**

message 33: by Brook (new)

Brook | 5 comments Name: Ana Leone

Full name: Analiese Leone



Pets: a blake pegasus named Giraffe,and a skeleton cat named Bones

Godly parent:Hades

Skills/powers:Shadow-travel, summon dead, talk to ghosts, run pretty fast(surprisingly) creep people out(which I'm proud of).

Favorite God/Goddess: Hades,Artemis,Poseidon,Athena

Bio: I ran away when I was eight because my biological mother and my step-fathet would abuse me, saying that I was worthles,stupid,etc.So, I ran, and ended up at Camp Half-Blood.I pretty much met new friends.I had also learned that Montona's government (I lived in Montana) sent a search party after me, since I was missing school.I lived here at camp as a year-rounder ever since the search party went out.

Appereance: Long,Light brown hair (didn't see that coming, did ya), dark brown eyes, slightly tan,although more on the pale side,tall;about 5'1-5'2,buff, not fat.

Personality:I can seem crazy at first, because I am.I'm friendly (as told by my fellow classmates),and later on I can seem very dark, because I am .... After all, I do have a plan to blow up one of my old schools......

Crushes: a kid from a cabin.Why would I tell you?To go off and tell him? No way, you person I just met on the street!

Weapon: Oh yeah, is a sword na,ed Shadow Bender.

Wishes: to beat Bigot at swordfighting.

Signature: -Ana Leone

message 34: by Brook (new)

Brook | 5 comments Ana here, also, here is a list of my friends:

Bella from Aphrodite,Abby from Apollo,Brita from Ares,Brande from Hephaestus,Bo from Poseidon,Blake* from Hades, Tempest from Zeus,Chloe** from Dionysus,Dara from Athena,Daisy-May from Demeter, Lulu the nymph, and Brandon the idiot of a satyr.

-Ana Leone

message 35: by Brook (new)

Brook | 5 comments Name:Stephanie

Full name:Stephanie Orr

Age:10- almost 11


Pets:Two cats named Asia and Cinza, a grey-speckled white pegasus named Bailey, after my cousin (on the mortal side)

Weapon: A dagger named World Bender,which is celestial bronze-of course- and it has a black leather grip which turns turquoise in a certain amount of light, and a shield named Fury which turns into a blue bracelet.

Godly Parent:Hades, which is ironis since I am usually smiling and being crazy....but I am dark inside...

Skills/powers:Great drawer(hehe,it's true), summon dead, talk to ghosts,and run fast.

Favorite God/Goddess:Hades,Poseidon,Artemis,Athena

Bio: I met my two demigod best friends in third grade, Ella R. and Ella T. Ella R. ended up being a daughter of Athena, while Ella T. ended up being a daughter of Aphrodite. A satyr found us after 4th grade, and as Mr.D would probaly say right now, blah blah, blah, yada,yada,yada,etc.

Appereance:Shoulder-length Light Brown/Dark Blonde hair,Dark Brown eyes,tan, tall for my age, 5'1, buff.Resembles another Hades child, but has shorter hair,is younger.

Personality:Crazy, easily excitable,dark,mysterious,creepy,kind,caring,and over all a great best friend!

Wishes:To go on a quest- No Chiron!I am old enough!

Crushes: I'm to young to love!And, why would I tell you?Exactly, my point.

Signature: Stephanie Orr

BTW- this is me in real life, my name is not Brook. See ya!

message 36: by Mallory (new)

Mallory | 1 comments Name: Tris
Full name: Triston Faye
Age: 14

Gender: Female

Pet(s: Black panther named Duke

Godparent: Apollo

Skills/Powers: Like Artemis,uses a bow extremely well. She can communicate with animals, only during night.

Favourite God: Artemis 030

Bio: Growing up, I was a really big tomboy. I was stronger and didn't like pretty skirts. I was often made fun of, but I didn't care. I love music, and my taste in music reflects what I wear. Soon, my mom became violent. She became nasty and didn't accept me, so I ran from home; ending up at camp Half-Blood. Because of my mother's violence, I'm constantly on alert, and will point my arrow at a pole if it looks at me funny.

Appearance: Long, beach wavy hair. Chill blue eyes;has a nose ring (not inside my nose). 5'4. Often wears ripped skinny jeans and plaid button ups. Of course, not when hunting.

Wishes: to be accepted.

Signature: Tris Faye

message 37: by Alex (new)

Alex Jackson | 4 comments ( I want to change my demigod, OKAY)
Name: Sky Waters
Complete Name: Skynet Waters
Gender: Female
Pets: a black pegasus named Storm
Godly Parent: Poseidon
Favorite God(s): my dad, Artemis, Athena, and Hecate
Bio: I was raised by my mom until I was 9 , she died in a car accident. Then I went to an orphan, but no family wanted me. They were scared of what I can do with water and ice. When it was my 10th birthday, I decided to get away from the orphan. A girl from the orphan, named Sophie, saw me getting out and she helped me. She told me that I was a demigod and she was a satyr, she took me to Camp, until a manticore attack us. There Sophie give a ring, when it was on my hand, it turned into a bow and on my back there was a quiver. I shoot the manticore and it die. Then I felt so weak that I fall, when I woke up I was on the Infirmary with a boy with black hair and green eyes.

He took me to Chiron and he explain me what was that place, he told that I was a daughter of one of the Greek Gods. I believe him, because I have seen Sophie with goat legs! Then he told me that I would stay in the Hermes cabin until my dad claimed me. When I was on the Hermes cabin I met Luke, he was nice to me, then he introduced me to some of his friends, a girl named Annabeth, a boy named Grover, twins named Connor and Travis, and that boy that was with me in the Infirmary, his name was Percy Jackson.

When all of us became friends, Luke went on the dark side and he want to take me with him, I didn't accept, I didn't want to leave my friends. Than a mother girl named Thalia came, she was nice to me and Annabeth. But they have to go on a quest, when they came back Annabeth wasn't with them, but instead they were two other demigods. Their names were Bianca and Nico Di Angelo. Percy told me that Annabeth fell of a cliff, he told me they were going to rescue her, then I calm down. The Hunters, when they saw I was good with bow and arrow, they wanted me to join them, but I didn't accept. I became friends with Nico, he was just like me hurt and lonely. When Percy came back they throw a party, and there was when my dad claimed me. The Camp was looking at me in amazement, so I looked up and there was a trident above me, then Chiron said, "Sky Waters, daughter of Poseidon".

I moved to the Poseidon cabin with Percy, he was so happy, he said "I always wanted to have a sister!" I was happy too, at least I wasn't alone again.

Percy became so over protective, but thanks to Annabeth I can get out of my cabin. Tyson isn't so over protective, he just likes to ride the hippocampus with me.

Appearance: black straighten hair, blue sea eyes, pale, always on the beach or in the forest.

Wishes to see my mom again, and to see my dad, Percy says he is amazing but I haven't saw him.

Crushes: over the years I started to have a crush on Nico, but shhhh don't tell my brothers

Signature: skywaters.

Warning: if you mess up with me, or my friends, of my brothers, I suggest you to run.

message 38: by Alex (new)

Alex Jackson | 4 comments Skills/Powers: like Percy, but I can control ice.

message 39: by Storm (new)

Storm Grace | 1 comments Name: Storm

Full name: Storm Wolf Grace

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Pets: An electric wolf called Crash

Godly parent: Zeus

Fav God/Goddess: Zeus and Artemis

Bio: I was raised by my lovely father, James, but he died of cancer and I was sent to an adoption home. Every family I was sent to, they either abused me or I didn't like them. So, one family of 2 nymphs and a satyr took me in. After spending 2 years with them, they sent me to Camp Half Blood!

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Paris Wright

Full Name: Paris Clairese Wright

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Pet(s): None

God Parent: Athena

-Very skilled fighter
-Very skilled battle strategist
-Very skilled at weaving
-Very Intelligent

Favorite God: Her mom, Hermes, and Artemis

Bio: Paris is the daughter of the goddess Athena and her deceased father, Jackson Wright. After her father died about 5 months after her birth she was sent to live with her auntie and grew up with her cousins. She showed her love of fighting at a very young age when she fought her oldest cousin for her bottle. She grew into a beautiful young woman and at the age of 10 she found out who her mother was. She started to talk to her mother when she was both asleep and awake. Her mother watched over her and protected her. Then one day when she was walking home from school she was attacked by 2 beasts with 1 eye. She ran away from them and made it back to her auntie's house safe and sound. After she told her aunt the beasts attacked again. This time they slaughtered her auntie and cousins. She started to jump on the beasts and started to scratch and claw all she could, but they over-powered her. She then remembered something her mother had given her. She pulled a pencil from her bookbag and pressed the eraser as the pencil unfolded into a sword. She stabbed on of the beasts through the head while the other fled. She promised to get revenge on the beast no matter what. Her mother led her to Camp Half-Blood where she has been ever since.

message 41: by (last edited Feb 09, 2015 06:27PM) (new) (booksaremylyfe) | 1 comments Name: Brianna

Full Name: Brianna Julia Lightwood

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Pet(s): a white pegasus named Snowflake and white maltese puppy named Marshmallow

God parent: Poseidon(blessed by Athena and Hecate)

Skills/Powers: can breathe underwater, can control water, can talk to sea creatures, and can do magic

Favorite God(dess): Poseidon and Artemis

Bio: Brianna is the daughter of Pearl Lightwood and Poseidon. She was born in Chicago, but moved to Manhattan when she was 3. She grew up with her mother, her stepfather Andrew Morgenstern, and her stepsister Jessica Morgenstern. At the beginning of 8th Grade, she met a beautiful girl who introduced herself as Annabeth Chase. They became very close friends and soon they did almost everything together. One day, they were walking home from school and they were attacked by a monster with the head of a human, the body of a lion, and a scorpion's tail. Annabeth quickly stabbed the monster and it exploded into yellow dust. Then, Annabeth led to her to Camp Half-Blood where she spent her whole life after that.

Wishes: to see my Dad

Signature: Brianna L.

message 42: by Mythsord (last edited Aug 03, 2014 12:38PM) (new)

Mythsord | 1 comments Name: Acer Blackrock

Gender: Boy

Godparent: Eros

skills/powers: Archery

histroy/Bio: Acer was adopted at a young age. wen he was ten a evil goat atacked him. his dad (Eros) teliported him to camp halfblood to advoid him dieing.

Wishes: Your a girl

Signature: Acer B

message 43: by Khoa (new)

Khoa Nguyen | 1 comments Name: Khoa Nguyen
Full Name: Koios Khoa Oliver Sylvester Nguyen-Ambrose
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Pet(s): A dog that has magical powers named Kenneth aka Kenny
Godparent: Hecate, Goddess of Magic
Skills/Powers: Spell Casting, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Mist Control, Control of the Elements, Levitation, Adaptation (Breathe Underwater, Adapt to environments, etc),Minor Divination (See the future), and Potion Making.
Favorite Gods: Hecate, Poseidon because he blessed me with Adaptation.
Bio: Dad died when a baby, been raised by foster parents since then. Has a half-sister named Dianna who is also skilled at magic. Currently the Prince of Magicae Insula (A magical island created by Hecate for sorcerers and sorceresses to live in). Descended from Merlin Ambrose.
Wishes: To become more skilled in magic and to meet lots of people, especially Percy Jackson.
Signature: Ƙհσα ηɡմψεη

message 44: by Jared (new)

Jared Lance | 1 comments Name:Herc

Full name:Hercules Cielo



Pet(s):Hawk and Eagle

Godparent:Son of Zeus, grandson on Posiedon, great grandson of Hades

Skills/Powers:Powers of the big three.

Favourite God:Don't have one

Bio: So get this. My grandma is the daughter of Hades, and my mom is the daughter of Posiedon. And I am the son of Zeus. Just juggle that for a second. Yeah. Life for me kinda sucks. I can raise the dead, breathe under water, and electrocute the crap out of people. But sometimes it's cool. Like in Capture the Flag. I'd tell you about my past, but even I don't know it. Like I sucks.

Wishes:To find out my past...

Signature: HC

message 45: by Keegan (last edited Aug 11, 2014 06:34PM) (new)

Keegan Mcelheny | 1 comments Name:Jake
Full Name:Jacob Alexander



Pet(s):Black Pegasus Named Orthos and Pure Black wolf Named Shadow

Godparent:Son of Hephaestus grandson of Poseidon great grandson of Zeus

Skills/Powers:Can build stuff quickly and Control Fire as well as Breath underwater and control Water as well as control lightning and fly

Favorite God:Hephaestus

Bio:My life has been nothing but hazardous.I mean if controlling fire,water,and lightning wasn't hard enough,My life is constantly in danger.Also Iv'e lost lots of people close to me.

Wishes:To be at peace for once as well as become a great hero and meet my Half-Brother Leo Valdez

Signature:Jacob Alexander

message 46: by David (last edited Oct 04, 2014 08:08AM) (new)

David Montoya | 6 comments Name: David

Full name: David A. Montoya

Age: 13

Gender: male

Pet: Fire tiger and found in south jersey named Blazy. Don't know what his past is but awesome in fights!

God father or Goddess: father Hephaestus and grandmother is Tyche

Favorite god: Hephaestus

Skill/power: Summoning fire, building and making things turn out good most of the time when around others

Bio: I've been helping fighting 3 gorgons. HELP ME!!!

Wish: To find someone to care for and have fun

Signature: DAVID Montoya
Peace out demigod friends Yeah

message 47: by David (new)

David Montoya | 6 comments I have only bad luck

message 48: by David (new)

David Montoya | 6 comments I have a wierd weapon...

A protracter hand axe/arrow the arrow can never miss but gets weeker as it its in the air. But there is a secret to it but I don't what it is. All I know is everytime I use my arrow/axe I feel a wierd feeling of heat around me.

message 49: by David (new)

David Montoya | 6 comments OK. Blazy is with me right now purring on my sholde... hey stop that. Anyway he has red stripes insted of orange and he goes at up to 163 mph.

message 50: by Aaris (new)

Aaris | 1 comments name: Aaris

Full name: Aaris Gadia

Age: 15

Pets: a Spirit called Viris

God Parent: Hecate, goddess of magic, crossroads and ghosts (mother)

favorite god: Hecate

Skills/Powers: talking to spirits, summoning illusions

bio: OK so i recently found out why i can see and talk to Viris... and why mom is never around. i am apparently a demigod and my mom is hecate and blessed me with the power of talking to ghosts. freaky huh? plus they said i would be safer with others of my own kind. what do they mean by that? are there others like me?

wish: to get to know others with powers from the gods

Signature: Aaris and Viris

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