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This is where you will be posting your characters. You may use pictures. This is the format!!!

Midnighter or not:
Power (if Midnighter):

Hope you'll enjoy it!!!! :D

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Name: Forest
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Midnighter or not: Midnighter!!! <3
Power (if Midnighter): Make metal into weapons
Looks: Shaggy black hair that goes to his nose. He flips his hair so it lies to the side of his face. He also wears metal all over him and looks like ur typical punk. He also has bright green eyes that reflect everything he sees.
Grade: Senior
Kin: No family
Description: He's very outgoing and nice. He is a punk and loves metal!!!
Other: Is very musical

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Name: Azia Stone
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Power: Causes pain with touch.
Looks: Light brown hair that falls into messy but cute ringlets, also has natural streaks of dark brown and is a bit over shoulder length. Bright, bright blue eyes with tiny gold flecks in them that kinda sorta sparkle in the sunlight, or moonlight. Tanish skin over well developed but not bulging muscles, a small spattering of freckles dance across the bridge of her nose and cheeks. She tends to wear boy t-shirts in shades of gray and black with darks wash or black skinny jeans. She isn't punk or goth of anything that is just what she thinks is confortable. She only wears Converse for shoes.
Grade: Junior
Kin: Mom, dad and little brother.
Discription: Shy but really sweet and cute. Azia likes to draw, she will draw anything that holds still long enough. She and her family have just moved to town and she hasn't yet discovered the blue hour. doesn't make friends easily, and NEVER touches people if she can help it.
Other: Loves music and tends to be alone a lot because of her power, which she doesn't understand yet. She is really smart and wants to learn why her though harms people and how to control it. The reason her family moves a lot is because Azia gets made fun of a lot for her power.

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Awesome! I like it!

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