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Laura Without telling what happens in the bonus chapter, does anyone know which chapter was rewritten from Trent's POV? The chapter number would be all I need to know. Thanks.

Veronica It's Chapter 19, Laura. Hope you get to read Trent's POV soon. Totally worth it.

IbNancy was this bonus chapter in the book or online? where?

Nicole Luiken It was in the paperback I bought, don't know about other editions.

I really enjoyed seeing Trent's POV.

Forgotten Realms Queen I know, it's so interesting and for me solidified some suspicions I've been having for the past few books.

Jeanie Jackson I both the ebook in B&N "with bonus material" section because they are often discounted. I liked seeing what it shows about him.

Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ I loves seeing how Trent thought about things! Also made me eager for next book!

Raychell Pettijohn Which book has the bonus material in it?

Raychell Pettijohn Never mind, I found it - I'm really getting sick and tired of publishers doing this type of thing.

I have the Normal e-book version of of A Perfect Blood - but NOW if I want the bonus material I have to spend another 6 to 7 dollars for different e-book version of the same book I own, this one with the "bonus" material.

Really, can't they release the bonus material as a stand alone e-book? Why change me another $6 or $7 to get one chapter?!?!?!? Talk about money grabbers. One Chapter is not worth that much money - Sorry Kim Harrison, but you are good, and I would be happy to pay 99 cents for the Chapter, but never the cost of a full length book.

Nicole Luiken If I were you I'd go to a bookstore or library and read it there. I agree, one chapter, however cool is not worth $7

Raychell Pettijohn I'd be thrilled to read the chapter at even as much as 99 cents - if it was a standalone short. But yes, clearly a trip to the local book store is in order. Sad really, the publisher could get a sale offering it as a standalone, but as it is, I'm sure I'm not the only one that will just read the pages and put the book back on the shelf at a store.

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