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Michele Miller (chelemybelles) | 727 comments Please read the Rules and Information before signing up for a review.

Reminder- You can only have two R2R books at a time.

Title: Dark Before Dawn
Author: Stacy Juba
Genre: YA PN/ Fantasy


When teen psychic Dawn Christian gets involved with a fortuneteller mentor and two girls who share her mysterious talents, she finally belongs after years of being a misfit. When she learns her new friends may be tied to freak accidents in town, Dawn has an important choice to make - continue developing the talent that makes her special or challenge the only people who have ever accepted her.

This novel is aimed at young adults, and at adults who enjoy paranormal YA such as the Twilight series, House of Night, and The Vampire Diaries series, Meg Cabot’s The Mediator series, or Lois Duncan books

The first 15 people to sign up below leaving their email address will receive a free gift copy of this e-book from Smashwords for review.

1 Laura(sims)4*
2 Gaele 4*
3 Ada-Lee
4 Alysson(rose) 3*
5 Augustine 3*
6 TEmpest 4*
7 Lauren(johnson) 3*
8 CM
9 Brandy 4*
10 Alana 3*

*Note you have two weeks to read and review. Please post your review on Goodreads, Amazon and post a link to this thread in the comments section.
**It is ILLEGAL to share e-books. This copy is for your enjoyment and review only. Thanks for respecting the author's hard work!

Michele (Chelemybelle)
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Lovers of Paranormal

Laura Sims I have this on my to read list would like to check it out. epub

Gaele ooh - this is one I've had on one list or another...

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Jenn (engelsigh) I would like to take part in this

Eyehavenofilter | 3 comments Paranormal... Misfit......freak accidents...? What more can you Ask for except to read it?

Alysson (gypsyraja) | 4 comments This sounds really good!

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Sophia-Maria (augustineofelsinore) | 10 comments I'd love to read it:D mobi pleaz!

Chani (tempestchani) | 34 comments I'd love to read it! I just finished one of the other books I'd signed up for and will go post a review of it now so I'll be back to only reading one and can fit this :) epub please.

Lauren | 53 comments I would like to review:

Christina M Condy (condygurl) | 81 comments sounds good added tbr list

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Michele Miller (chelemybelles) | 727 comments Coming at you, except for Jennifer, right now!

Sophia-Maria (augustineofelsinore) | 10 comments did you send the e-mails..?:D

Lauren | 53 comments Augustine Sophia wrote: "did you send the e-mails..?:D"

I got mine.

Sophia-Maria (augustineofelsinore) | 10 comments nope i haven't got it yet...:/

Brandy Nacole (brandynacole) | 72 comments Sign me up Michelle :)


Alana | 31 comments if there's still one available... I'd like to review it please... - thanks!

Gaele Complete 9/28

Also reviewed on Barnes and Noble. No link because after 4 hours it still wasn’t showing to me.

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Lauren | 53 comments I have finished my review:

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Michele Miller (chelemybelles) | 727 comments Everyone on reviewers list should have a Smashwords code in by now :)

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Laura Sims I read the book last night in about an hour. Since this was not the genre in which I like it was hard to get interested. In the beginning I thought Scott was the one and then he dies? The book was good,it was a really sweet story Dawn was a good friend who's confusion in life was brought on by a mother who was just trying to protect her. Serina aka Estelle was evil and deserved her fate. I still kept waiting for cuties to come back and fall in love with Dawn. I mean she really was a very capable individual. This would make a really good lifetime movie.Dark Before Dawn

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Michele Miller (chelemybelles) | 727 comments Closed as the coupon code expired on 10/1

Alana | 31 comments Okay - I've posted the review to Amazon as well:

Sophia-Maria (augustineofelsinore) | 10 comments review is up! Sorry for the delay! Unfortunately, this book didn't work for me:/

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