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Inhale (Just Breathe, #1)
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Serieses! > Can these books be added to the Just Breathe series?

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 ♥ Rebecca ♥ | 183 comments I dont know if you need permission from the author for this, but she responded to my messages very quickly, so you can always ask her. I have recently discovered this series and have been recommending it to a lot of friends lately. But the shorts are not connected to the series so I have to individually tell them about them and explain when to read them. I only know this because I found out about them by chance and then asked the author about them and where they all fit into the series. I dont want ppl to miss out. Letting Go is a prequel so its like a #0.5. Stifle has to be read after Inhale so I guess its like a #1.5. And Dirty would be like a #2.5. Vexxed just came out though and I have not had an opportunity to ask the author where it fits in the story.

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Cait (tigercait) | 5005 comments According to the author's blog, Vexxed uses characters from book 3, so I've numbered it 3.5.

 ♥ Rebecca ♥ | 183 comments Awesome, thanks!

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