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Ned Stark, "Bastards, and else."

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Joanna lol..you've put a lot of thought into this..
yea a possibility but I'm not so sure; Ned would have done anything to honor the woman he loved and the son she bore him by giving him his name its his firstborn after all..
And if Ned did do that to Jon that's beyond crazy..I would be simply outraged for Jon... condemning him to be a bastard for life, that's unthinkable

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Fatin I think I'm with the Jon is Lyanna and Rhaegar's son theory. And Lyanna makes Ned promise he will protect her child.

Traci I agree with the Lyanna and Rhaegar theory. Jon has the look of a stark, but looks like Arya, who looks like Lyanna. Plus what started this fabulous war in the first place? I don't mean Mr. Martin either. Obviously we still need more details about the events at Harrenhal.

Cathryn Ferrara I don't buy for a minute that Ned would marry two woman and kept the first one a secret that does not fit with anything we saw or know of him. So I would be more shocked if GRRM did that than when he killed his main character in book 1.

I too agree with the Lyanna and Rhaegar idea and have yet to read anything in the books to dissuade me from this theory.

I think if Robert had 'dishonored' Lyanna he would not have lived to sit the Iron throne Ned would not have let that go by.

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Jeni I've also been leaning toward Jon being another one of Robert's seemingly unending parade of bastards. (Seriously, that guy is randier than a rabbit on viagra.)

I can seriously envision her being with Rhaegar secretly and also attacked by Robert (because he's a skeevy little man), making the baby's sire unknowable to her. Because she thought Ned would either a) kill Robert and be killed for treason or b) be killed by Robert, she hid that attack from Ned and claimed the baby as Rhaegar's.

Ned claimed the baby as his own bastard to protect him from the political turmoil raging at the time, not knowing he was hiding another one of Robert's offspring.

Someone has to know the secret to Jon's parentage and I suspect it is his uncle (view spoiler).

Additionally, (view spoiler).

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