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Plot questions for those who have FINISHED the book

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Rachel SPOILER ALERT::::::::

None of my friends have read this book, so I want to discuss this with the community. Here's my main question, having just finished the book:

When Luke detroys the vial but knows he should have spoken to her first, "but no, he knows what she would have said. It's done."

What would she have said?

Since I don't know for sure, isn't it rather presumptuous to have taken such a drastic step as to destroy the vial?

C.penn I think he assumes that in kind to her using it to turn johnathan immortal that she one day might have planned to use it again for similar purposes? I read it a while ago so my details might be somewhat confused.

I think he's so sure of what she would say however "we can use it on you!" or " it's so valuable and it's a memento of my past" or something to that effect. On the other hand, it's just as likely for someone like Lanny that she would have agreed with him in a split second and tossed it then. It was presumptuous, but I don't think it was rash. The chances of her agreeing with tossing it seem slim to me given what we know of her character.

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T.L. Costa I don't know if she would have agreed to let him destroy the vial. She was so hung up on Jonathan that once she's "free" of him, her life might finally be able to move along, and that may include future use of the vial. Lanny is sort of selfish, after all. (In a great, flawed-character sort of way.)

Diane I think it is rather presumptuous, like Lord Byron's fan. Certainly they are things that might merit a comment or question, but it works out. Waiting on the 3rd now.

Linda Fast It's been awhile since I read The Taker but I seriously think Lanny would not have given Luke permission to get rid of the vial.
I enjoyed reading The Taker more than I did The Reckoning. Just waiting for the third book to come out.

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Amy While I think it's pretty clear that she wouldn't have wanted Luke to destory the vial, I interpreted his final line "It's done," as what would have been her response/reaction should she have found out that he destroyed the vial. Other than the matter of Jonathan (obviously), Lanny isn't the type of character to wallow.

Crissy When he destroyed the vial..I went "ut oh"...... I just got the second book to this Triology...anxious to know....

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