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message 1: by Serena (new)

Serena Hi everyone -

Welcome to the YA Kindle Exchange group! Please take some time to introduce yourself.

Thanks for joining,

PS - It seems like some of the discussion folders won't be available until someone posts, so please try and find the right topic when you put in a request.

message 2: by Ivy (new)

Ivy (iwanttocrawlintobookslivethere) | 2 comments WELL since everyone else is too shy, I'll be the first to introduce myself...
I'm Ivy. A totally insane, kind of ordinary, talkative, artistic, and book-crazed southern Christian gal'. I might talk way to much so most of this is probably totally irrevelant. I spend most days reading and writing. I draw and sometimes illustrate some of my stories. I read anything and I write, poetry, short stories and I have written a few books, but I am unpublished. I'm really clumsy and am forever stuck at four feet eleven inches. Yes I won't ever reach five feet and no you can not use my head as an armrest. Don't be afraid to message, friend, etc. me! I don't bite unless upon request :)

message 3: by Adream (new)

Adream adream I'm not sure if I'm misreading or if I'm only the second person to post. Either way! Hi! My name is Hillary. I read. :)

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