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message 1: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Rydder (ThomasRydder) | 39 comments Good morning!
I was recently introduced online to Christina Worrell and her daughter, Raven. Raven is a very special young lady. Her brother Damien (Super D) has autism and ADHD - so Raven - that's 10 YEAR OLD Raven - decided to write a book and get it published, in order to buy stuff for her brother. Incidently, Damien is a super hero in training, and has a pretty cool cape and mask you can see on his facebook page. I few "likes" for Super D wouldn't hurt anything, either:

Christina (an accomplished paranormal writer herself) was astonished when her daughter walked up and handed her "Goblin Spells Unicorns", a 2,000 word fantasy about goblins and unicorns. Christina helped her format it, and it now sits on Goodreads, available to all.
I would urge you to help Raven realize her dream of helping Super D. She wants him to get the swing set he longs for, and some other things, too. We are all blessed with abilities which give us a unique responsibility: to help our own. I've purchased the book, and it's a wonderful little bed time story for a child, imaginative and cute. Can anyone else pry away from 99 cents and help Damien? I have a target - I want 3000 book sales for little who's with me?
The link to the book on Smashwords is here:
And on my blog here:

That's 99 cents put a grin on a super hero's face...I'll thank you in advance for your generosity....

Warm Regards,
Thomas Rydder

message 2: by Tara (new)

Tara Kelley (goodreadscomtaraneideffer) | 20 comments I just bought a copy and can't wait to read it. That's a very sweet thing Raven is doing for her brother.

message 3: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Rydder (ThomasRydder) | 39 comments Thank you, Tara! :)
It touched my heart, and I HAD to give her a hand...rare among children, nowadays, hmm?

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