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Colin or Luc?

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Veronica colin :P

Ferdy Colin..I hated Luc for so many reasons.

Ferdy Nicole wrote: "okay, I have to ask why do you hate soo much?"

I hate Luc because I'm not convinced that he loves Mo, he only wants her because she took over Verity's destiny and all he cares about is his destiny with the 'vessel'.. so if Verity hadn't died he wouldn't have looked twice at Mo, he would have been happy with Verity.

More longer and spoilery answer (there's spoilers from all 3 books in my if you've not read the other two, you might not want to read it) :D

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Veronica agree with Ferdy. I don't like luc either. he regards Mo as an object and does not really love her like Colin does.

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