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Mack I'm not even half way through this, but as an avid reader of the hersay of Evolution, this book has thus far bored me as it just states what genus, species, ect. humans vs. chimps are in. Where are the moral dilemas and insurmountable questions about the point of our existance!?

Chuck F Given that you started reading the book with such an open mind, I'm frankly surprised that your not getting more out of it.

Elentarri I found this book bland. I had really expected to like it more and find more useful information in it, but this book just didn't do it.

Reza Mohamed Surely its obvious that for humans moral dilemmas (codes of conduct) only exist in language. Since language is very limited (e.g. How would you describe color to someone who was blind from birth?) it should be evident that insurmountable questions about existence cannot be realized by language.

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