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Virtual | 435 comments Mod
If you are an editor, or if you are seeking one, please post here.

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Christine Rice (christine_rice) | 26 comments Hello writers,

I am a freelance editor of books, articles, resumes, query letters, and anything else that you need thoroughly and precisely edited. I work with both new and experienced writers to clean up and smooth out your writing so that it will be ready for publication. You can view my editing skills, and my five years of editorial experience, on my resume here, and my affordable services here. For more information, contact me at

Looking forward to connecting,


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April Davis (aprilmichelledavis) | 1 comments I am a freelance editor, indexer, and proofreader. Here is the blurb from my website:

Founded in 2001 by April Michelle Davis, Editorial Inspirations provides exceptional editing, indexing, and proofreading services to both publishers and authors. Each task is approached with a greater understanding of the various aspects of the publishing process. The intent of the author and the publisher is always kept in mind—from the first word to well beyond the end.

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I offer freelance editing and beta reading. First chapters are free, and the rest offered at a flat rate. I offer the services through my blog here

And any questions please don't hesitate to email at

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A. Wrighton (awrighton) | 3 comments Hey all :) I've been recently nagged a lot to start doing a critique/story development service for other writers and I was just wondering what sort of things you all would a) want from a critiquing/story development service b) expect from a critique/story development service c) have on your wishlist for the service...

And any other thoughts. I do get there are quite a few people out there doing this - which has always been my hesitation. But, unlike a lot of the others, I have the training (MFA in Creative Writing) and experience (story development internship) on top of my published/produced works so I am beyond confident in my product, just wondering your thoughts on what you want/need :)

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Maryann (maryannwrites) | 2 comments I do freelance editing of books and articles for reasonable fees. I have worked for print and online publications, as well as publishing houses, for a number of years and more recently went freelance. For more details and references e-mail me at: maryann(at)

All best,

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Soo (silverlyn) Silk Screen Views is offering editing services for those who need a keen eye to help polish a manuscript. Our staff has a large pool of experience to share with potential clients. Please check out the website for more information.

Silk Screen Views
A site run by adventurous book lovers that are happy to share their thoughts and discoveries on books, authors and more with other adventurers.>

Chrissy (The Every Free Chance Reader) (theeveryfreechancereader) | 7 comments I offer proofreading, editing, and critique services. Check out EFC Services at

My rates are reasonable and competitive.

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The ..."

I am still a year out or so, but if you want to show me your skills, I would be interested.

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Sara Elizabeth (saraxelizabeth) | 2 comments Hello. I am currently employed through AltWit Press, but I also manage my own editing services at Prices are set in packages, but they are still negotiable. I also provide critiques. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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Hayley Linfield | 15 comments Hi. My name is Hayley. I offer proofreading/editing/beta-reading services. I'm an award-winning writer and have taught ESL and grammar for over ten years. Check out my web page and contact me if you have any questions. :)

message 12: by Heather (new)

Heather | 2 comments Are you seeking a trustworthy, professional, intelligent, and flexible editor who can be both a trusted friend and professional ally? I am looking for such authors, so maybe we're a match.

I don't sugarcoat, so if you're looking for an ego-stroker, don't stop here. I take my work seriously and I seek authors who do the same.

Please visit if you would like more information, or email me directly at


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Rajuda First, check out my blog
It is a 'potpourri of diverse dishes!' So, sample more than one to get the real taste. If you find it palatable, please mail me at: Thanks

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A. Wrighton (awrighton) | 3 comments Little Green Eyed Press - indie-friendly editing & marketing services

A collective of indie friendly editors, indie authors & supporters dead set on bringing the best stories to the world.

All right, so that “about us” bit sounds a smidge super hero-esque, but it’s the truth. We are dedicated to helping the indie author succeed, not making their book journey more difficult. Consider us an ally, a fairy godmother of sorts (with red pens as wands), and join us on the path to published & creatively satisfied authorhood.

Use the coupon code: LIAM10 to get 10% off your first service. (For services that require a deposit, the 10% off will be applied to the total service, not the deposit, to save you the most $$.)

Phone: 323-609-3650

Editing Staff includes:

A. Wrighton
developmental & content editor/owner

Best known as the author of the Dragonics & Runics Series and writer on the Things Left Unsaid web series, A. Wrighton is a ground-stomping, genre-bending indie author & publisher. She backs her work with her B.A. in English with a focus on Literature/Creative Writing – with honors – & her M.F.A. in Creative Writing – with highest honors. She currently works in the entertainment industry as a Director of Marketing and a ghostwriter for an industry professional, & has experience as a script coverage writer for a leading script house. She maintains a blog on writing where she includes tips, tricks, author interviews, & inspiration. A. Wrighton also runs an indie author networking group of budding & bloomed writers of all genres and levels. As her love of and commitment to creative writing enters its second decade, A. Wrighton continues to bring a unique voice and fresh style to her writing that has created its own buzz and collective following.

Deborah McIntosh
technical line editor/proofreader

It doesn’t take long to master the English language, but it takes a true master to understand it. Deborah has been editing all forms of the written word for over 30 years and has an impressive billing of credits to her name including: novels, short stories, non-fiction, medical handbooks, children’s books, textbooks, cookbooks, creative non-fiction, & newspapers/newsletters. Known for her ability to always produce a red pen to correct any mistake she finds in life – menus and signage included – if there is an error in a written work, she is going to find it. Deborah backs her work with degrees in Journalism, Public Relations, and International Relations. She has won awards for AAUW’s Woman of the Year, the Educational Foundation, and the California State PTA. Deborah maintains fluency in French & conversational fluency in Italian & Spanish.

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Patricia La Barbera | 3 comments Free Advice!

Discover how I revised the beginning of The Celtic Crow Murders, a mystery set in Northern Ireland. Learn what belongs on the first page of a genre work.

The Celtic Crow Murders by Patricia La Barbera

Patricia La Barbera, MFA
Summer Sale! Discount of 50 percent
on editing prices listed on

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A. Wrighton (awrighton) | 3 comments Little Green Eyed Press

Staff Editors: A. Wrighton (developmental/content) & D. McIntosh (technical/proofread)

LGEP is a collective of indie friendly editors, indie authors & supporters dead set on bringing the best stories to the world.
All right, so that "about us" bit sounds a smidge super hero-esque, but it's the truth. We are dedicated to helping the indie author succeed, not making their book journey more difficult. Consider us an ally, a fairy godmother of sorts (with red pens as wands), and join us on the path to published & creatively satisfied authorhood.

We offer intensive in-manuscript edits, indie friendly pricing including multiple payment options, open communications before, during, and after, and customer loyalty rewards.

Get a free 5-10 page sample edit any day, any time. For GoodReads members, please use code HELLOYOU10 for 10% off any service.

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J.B. Miller (jbrandymiller) | 2 comments Hi,
This is really bad but I've come"a-begging".
I've finished the first book in my trilogy of Dianthe Rising but now I'm at the editing stage. I cant afford an editor and self editing is killing my soul. if anyone wants to help out a desperate woman let me know. the book is paranormal erotic romance.
feel free to look at my FB page for the book blurb and details. I hate to be cheeky and ask, but if you never ask you will never receive. Thank you for taking teh time to read this... and if you are able to help me, I will be eternally grateful!
feel free to email me at

message 18: by Emma (new)

Emma Adams (eladams) Hi everyone! I'm a freelance editor and proofreader, and I also edit for several small presses (including Crescent Moon Press and Curiosity Quills Press). I'm now offering copy-editing and proofreading services at affordable rates ($0.004 per word for proofreading; $0.01 per word for copy-editing) and also substantive editing and manuscript assessments for works of speculative fiction.

I have a BA (Upper Second Class hons) in English Literature with Creative Writing, and am also an editorial intern with Entangled Publishing. This has allowed me access to knowledge of the market as well as common errors in manuscript submissions, from character and story to dialogue, pacing and grammatical issues.

I also have in-house publishing and proofreading experience at several publishing houses, including Pan Macmillan, Scholastic UK, and Arcturus Publishing. I completed a proofreading course with the Society for Editing and Proofreading (SfEP).

As an author myself, I know the publishing world both from a traditional and self-publishing perspective.

Feel free to send me an email at (I edit the first five pages for free).

More info on my services is available here:

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Somekindofnobody (jenniferhyndman) | 2 comments A. wrote: "Hey all :) I've been recently nagged a lot to start doing a critique/story development service for other writers and I was just wondering what sort of things you all would a) want from a critiquing..."

For me, a critique is the most crucial part. I want to know where my story might be confusing, where it might falter or where the story lines might not be clear. In my head they are perfectly played out so putting words to the stories is like painting a picture only I get so sick of looking at it I want to chuck it out the window after 2 proof reading sessions! Also, I'd want to honestly know if the story can hold your attention or if it needs something to bring it more life.

message 20: by Somekindofnobody (new)

Somekindofnobody (jenniferhyndman) | 2 comments I had another question, sort of. When I write emotionally edgy scenes, I use the words to make a person think the way I need them to think briefly. When I used an editor, the person who edited the story reworded the emotional scenes so that they were concise, but now without emotional effect. This bothered me so much that I HATED the story after the editor was through. I'm scared to give my words to anyone now. I'm resorting to beta readers only. Does anyone else have this fear?

message 21: by Hayley (new)

Hayley Linfield | 15 comments Chasingcars wrote: "I had another question, sort of. When I write emotionally edgy scenes, I use the words to make a person think the way I need them to think briefly. When I used an editor, the person who edited the ..."

I think what you have to keep in mind with an editor is that you get to decide which changes to keep and which ones to ignore. I would hope that editor tracked every change he or she made, and for bigger changes I would hope the editor used comments outside of the body of work as opposed to making big changes like that right in the document.

As to your scene that the editor changed so much, there are a few different ways of looking at it. One is that the editor goofed and just didn't get the mood you were going for. Some editors can become too rigid grammatically and are often not a good fit for fiction editing. They're better suited to academic editing.

However, there is a possibility that the mood you thought you were going for simply didn't come through in the writing. Is it possible the editor thought he or she was improving the mood by making it more concise?

Either way, for me, I love having an editor, but I always make the final decisions about what changes to keep or not. Usually I read over the editor's notes and changes, usually seething with righteous indignation and comments about how stupid the editor is that they didn't see my brilliance, and then I put it away for 24 hours. Generally when I come back to it, I see more clearly the suggestions the editor was making. I still don't agree with all of them, but certainly a lot more.

I don't find beta-readers much help because their comments usually aren't detailed enough.

message 22: by Sara (new)

Sara Elizabeth (saraxelizabeth) | 2 comments Just giving an update about my editing services:

All editing services, including proofreading, detailed editing, ghost writing, formatting, and blurbs are on sale for the holidays.

I do sample edits upon request.

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Harrison Davies (harrisondavies) | 3 comments There is no other editor I would entrust my work to than Elaine Denning.

Editing services, including proofreading, detailed editing, ghost writing, formatting, blurbs, copy editing, website, promotional material.

Tell her I said hi and you'll get a free sample edit.


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Heather | 2 comments Chasingcars wrote: "I had another question, sort of. When I write emotionally edgy scenes, I use the words to make a person think the way I need them to think briefly. When I used an editor, the person who edited the ..."

Did you ask for a sample edit before choosing your editor? I'd really love to see a before/after of the work you deemed too concise and unemotional post-editor. Good editors remove the fluff, exposing the bare bones of the sentence, which may make the sentence sound less emotional. But emotion doesn't reside in fluff; emotion is found in word choice, sentence length, characters' actions, imagery, and setting.

message 25: by Lauryn (new)

Lauryn April (laurynapril) | 5 comments Phantom Owl Press is looking to interview editors. For the editors out there, it might be a good way to get your name out there and let writers know a little more about who you are. And if you're a writer looking for an editor, you might want to check out their blog posts in the following weeks to check out the interviews.

Check it out.

message 26: by [deleted user] (last edited Jun 25, 2014 01:51PM) (new)

Wordsmithies are looking for manuscripts to iron out. We forge great works of literature by pounding out the wrinkles in your syntax, sharpening your point of view, and making your writing shine.

We do proofreading, copy editing, developmental editing, and ghostwriting, all at reasonable rates. We will do a free sample to show you how good we are.

Read testimonials and see a portfolio of edited works that have been published at

Chrissy (The Every Free Chance Reader) (theeveryfreechancereader) | 7 comments EFC Services, LLC offers editing and proofreading services for the literary, academic, business, and legal communities. Our rates are reasonable and competitive. Please visit us at

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Lakishia | 1 comments I am currently searching for an editor. If you have any recommendations, please send them this way.


message 29: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Trask (sheilatrask) | 1 comments Congratulations on finishing your manuscript!

Are you wondering what's next?

I can help with next steps . . . I offer reasonably priced beta reading and manuscript critique services at

When I'm not helping new authors, I'm a book reviewer for Publishers Weekly, BookPage, Kirkus Reviews and many others. I've reviewed hundreds of books, so I know what works and what doesn't!

Feel free to email me at


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Blue (bookishblueuk) | 3 comments Hi All,

Currently have space on our list for some new authors to help and we'd love to be able to help you. We offer critiquing of your manuscript, proofreading and copy-editing services for affordable prices. Your manuscript will be handled professionally by qualified editors and at least two editors will be there to work with you on your novel.

If you wish to get a sample edit of your work, we can help with that.

For more information, check out our website;

Or if you have any other questions, you can contact me at

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Paula R | 2 comments Looking for an editor with a proven track record for taking indie books and flipping them into selling machines. Unique chic-lit/nod to the erotic novel written by a first time book writer. I'm a new mom, just returned to work and I wish I could say "money is no object!" but I'm not there... yet. If you can take me there with your best price and advice, please reach out to me with your resume and fee scale at: Thank you/Gracias/Merci.

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Emmanuel Nataf | 3 comments Hey guys!

Here's a quick message to present you Reedsy! We are building a community of top publishing professionals (editors, illustrators and soon marketers) to work with authors:

Reedsy is very curated: so far, 300 amazing publishing professionals selected among 6,000 applications. They are coming from the best publishing houses with hundreds of bestsellers in their portfolios. Here are some of them:

Jane Friedman:
Rebecca Heyman:
Kiele Raymond:
Averill Buchanan:
Tom Flood:
Richard Sheehan:
John Hudspith:
Dominick Montalto:
Harrison Demchick:

Emma Graves:
Mark Karis:
Kerri Resnick:
Alejandro Largo:
Nicole Caputo:
Kate Gaughran:
Daniel Cullen:
Mark Ecob:

Any thoughts or comments are more than welcome!



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Nina | 1 comments Fully qualified editor with a degree and over ten years of experience, ready to help you polish your book into a sleek, professional product sure to impress your readers! All lengths and genres, all levels of editing. Visit and check my glowing testimonials, or email your manuscript to for a quote within 24 hours.

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Ikram | 2 comments
Hello there! My name is Ikram but you can call me Kimi. I’m a blogger and book reviewer graduating with a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics this summer. I am now offering editing services to aspiring and current authors. I specialize in young-adult literature. My goal as your editor is to help you bring your work to its highest potential!

If you would like to work with me, please view my services below. When you are ready, contact me at and tell me about your novel.

Please include:

Synopsis of your novel.
Exact word count of your manuscript.
Genre of your novel.
What service(s) you are interested in.
As a freelance editor, I extend the following levels of editing services:

Sample Edit – Free!

For uncertain writers, check this out.

If you’re unsure about whether my editing style will suit you, I can provide an edit of the first two pages of your manuscript. This is a free of charge service!

Express Evaluation

The Express Evaluation looks at those important first fifty pages for elements that might include pacing, characters and relationships, worldbuilding, and plot. For writers on a very tight budget and/or deadline, this is the service for you.

This service combines two elements:

An editorial letter that explains the overall issues and concerns of the manuscript excerpt.
In-line comments using Microsoft Word’s comment and Track Changes features to show specific problem areas, like overlong paragraphs and repetitive word choice. This is in addition to showing issues noted in the editorial letter.

Content/developmental editing

Content editing, or structural/substantive editing, aims to bring out the tone of the manuscript as a whole, focusing more on the following:

Character development
Point of view


Proofreading will make your piece look clean and polished. I will go through the manuscript with a fine-tooth comb during the final stages of the submission process, checking for:

Typographical errors
Proper word usage
Basic grammar
Consistency within format and punctuation
Typos, misspellings, and other discrepancies
Overall appearance, typeface, and fonts

Reader’s Report

Are you interested in knowing what I think of your work as a reader rather than an editor? This is a great option. I have been reviewing books for over three years and know what readers want and expect. I read across all genres of YA and can view your work critically and objectively.

You can find my reviews on my blog and on Goodreads

I will point out the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript in a concise (between one and four pages) format. This report contains general thoughts about elements such as plot, character, and how compelling I find the work to be. What did I love? Where did I lose interest? I’ll let you know!

Note: If you are not sure which level of editing your manuscript needs. I would love to provide my recommendation with a sample edit.

*50 percent of payment is due at the start of editing. The remaining balance will be due at the completion of the project. Electronic submissions are edited with the Microsoft Word Track Changes feature.

message 35: by Tony (last edited Aug 26, 2019 03:26PM) (new)

Tony Held | 2 comments Editing a manuscript all by yourself is well-nigh impossible. Typos and grammar mistakes always sneak by you no matter how hard you look, to say nothing of continuity errors or plot holes.
That is where I come in. I love to eliminate typos, unscramble mixed-up grammar and syntax, set continuity errors straight, and plug plot holes--and a whole lot more.
I always work closely with my clients, sending them regular updates and queries, because I believe editing is a collaborative process.
I offer:

Copy editing
Line editing
Developmental editing

I work on the following genres:

Mystery (hard boiled detective, amateur sleuth, or police procedural-no courtroom drama or stories about corrupt cops getting away with breaking the law, please)
Historical (no preference at present)
Western (name says it all)
Action-adventure (ditto)
Fantasy (nothing too dark and brooding, please)
Literary (ditto)
Sci-fi (nothing dark and Orwellian, please).
Romance (serious only, especially romantic suspense)

I also edit blog posts, articles, letters, dissertations, etc.
If you are looking for a one-stop editing shop, Held Editing Services is it.


"Working with Tony Held helped me to significantly improve my book, add needed scenes/chapters and remove unnecessary elements. His chapter by chapter feedback was detailed and pointed out where I needed character or scene development, had inconsistencies from any point in the book to another or had simply nailed it and he loved it. He was timely in responses to me and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. I highly recommend working with Tony."

Patrick Adams
Owner, Patrick Adams Books

"Tony is a great editor, and he helped me to shape my text from a manuscript to a real book. He is precise and can spot even the tiniest awry detail in your text. Contacting him was easy and during the editing process he constantly kept me up to date. I recommend. And oh yes, he is a nice fellow!"

K.A. Ashcomb

Email: heldediting AT

***Special Offer***

New clients are eligible for 25% off any editing service.

message 36: by David (new)

David Matteri | 1 comments My name is David and I am offering Beta Reading and Editing services for new clients. I am a published author, English teacher, and active member of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA). I understand the challenges of writing clear and cogent prose and will use my writing and teaching experiences to help you write the best story possible. More info about my services can be found here:

Thanks for your consideration and I hope to speak with you soon!

message 37: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Rae | 4 comments Hi, guys! I'm an indie author and I also edit the work of other indie authors. :)
I'm trying to get the word out that my books are open for the summer and fall, and the spaces usually fill up fast! My specialties are sentence structure, characterization, and plot as well as grammatical and spelling--I have a sharp eye for details!
I offer a FREE sample edit of the first five pages of your manuscript as well!
If you'd like to find out more or ask me questions, my email and website are listed below. Hope to work with some of you talented writers!

Website: http://www.metamorphosiseditingservic...

message 38: by Haley (new)

Haley Sulich (haleysulich) | 2 comments Hello! To celebrate the holiday season, I'm offering 15% off on beta reading and/or editing projects booked for 2020. I am a developmental (content) editor who specializes in fantasy, sci-fi, YA, mystery, thriller, and horror stories.

To receive the 15% discount, you'll need to reserve an editing or beta reading slot for 2020. To do so, please email me at or contact me on my site Be sure to include the discount code WPNY-20. It is $50 USD to reserve an editing slot (the $50 will be subtracted from the final cost of the project).

To make editing more affordable, I offer flexible payment plans. They tend to range from $50-$300/month.

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to get in touch:

message 39: by Khara (new)

Khara Robinson | 15 comments David wrote: "My name is David and I am offering Beta Reading and Editing services for new clients. I am a published author, English teacher, and active member of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA). I u..."

I emailed you for a possible consult.

message 40: by Zoe (new)

Zoe Markham | 2 comments Looking for an experienced, affordable copy-editor? I usually book 3-6 months ahead but currently have one slot available in February.

I'm an approachable professional who takes pride in keeping costs as low as possible for Indie authors.

I offer a free sample edit of up to 2,000 words. If you include your full word count with your sample, I’ll provide a tailored, no-obligation quote for your MS upon return.

For more details on my background and credentials, please feel free to browse, and don’t hesitate to contact me ( if you have any questions.

Zoë Markham – Markham Correct

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