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Cameron I thought it would be fun to do a gone this or that. If you dont know how to play ill ask a gone question like Diana and Caine or Sam and Astrid? the next person answers and puts a question of their own. So ill start,Diana and Caine or Sam and Astrid?

Cameron o yea and this is for the whole series.

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Sam & Astrid

Poof or stay in the FAYZ?

Cameron stay
eat a person(like the diana did to panda) or stay hungry?

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Stay hungry

Have the powers of sam or of caine?

Cameron Caine but i like sam way better.

Live on the island or live in the town?

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Same Q

Mirte caine!
drake or the darnkness?

Cameron idk they r both scary......um drake
plague or starvation

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Same Q

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Thats ok! :D


Cameron probably starvation
powers or drakes whip hand?

Mirte powers!
taylor or brianna?

Cameron brianna
mother marry or dhara(i think i spelled that wrong.I mean the girl who ran the hospital)

Mirte mother marry!
gone or thg?

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Cyotes or drake?

Mirte drake.

diana or astrid?

Elizabeth astrid

plauge or those bugs that eat you from the inside.

Cameron plague
have a job like albert and mother mary or be an anonymous person with no job?

Haley No job.
Caine's super power or Brianna's power?

Cameron Caines
live in perdio beach or lake tramonto ?

Erica lake.
jack and brianna or dekka and brianna

Cameron jack and brianna
same question

Cameron caine just because drake is mental
drive or walk to places you need to go

Rellik drive if it was to the lake from town
warrior like sam or or a fisherman like quin

Audrey warrior like sam
same Q

Cameron warrior like sam
edilio or quinn

Cameron Sam's army
(which is better) gone or fear

Rellik fear by far.
die in darkness or die by drakes whip

Mia;emma darkness because drake makes you suffer.

orc or howard?

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Kay Hmmm... orc is better
Lana's Power or Dekka's?

Tracy Lana's
FAYZ or Poof?

Cameron FAYZ
(which book) hunger or plague?

Rellik plague. hunger was the worst of the series by far
look after the prees or look after cookie when he got squashed by the statue

Cameron The prees, i love little kids!!!!
Have Orsay's power or lanna's power?

notyourfriend Peridio Beach

Brianna or Taylor for sam?

Maddy Brianna

have to kill Brianna or kill Taylor

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Daniela Abarca orc definitely he turns out to be ok in the end

um starve or be in total darkness?

notyourfriend total darkness...

which is a bigger traitor?: Drake or Mary?

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H Drake. I hate Drake.

Be healed by Lana but still have severe brain damage or to kill yourself by jumping off the cliff?

Jessye Ooh that's tough...tbh I think I'd rather jump off a cliff. Especially if I were still trapped in the FAYZ.


Which was more surprising/shocking in FEAR:
Penny's death or learning about Edilio's sexuality?

Emily Probably Edidio, because Penny was psychotic and I wanted to murder her, so I was so happy that she was killed.

Live with Albert or Caine on the island?

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Anne Hakim Live with Albert, i always just liked him...

Powers or normal people

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Just Me Powers.
Were you ok with Caine dying in the end or were you crying like a baby when it happened(like me)?

Emily I was not okay with it!!!

Be a Coates kid or part of the human crew?

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