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The Writing Process

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C.L. Parker (clparker) | 11 comments Mod
Got a question about my writing process? Ask away ...

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Paranormal Tendencies (mindynabors) Where did the idea for the supernova saga come from?

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C.L. Parker (clparker) | 11 comments Mod
Mindy wrote: "Where did the idea for the supernova saga come from?"

Hi Mindy! Thanks for the question! I'm going to answer it in the post below since it's similar ... with an added inquiry.

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C.L. Parker (clparker) | 11 comments Mod
Jeannette wrote: "That's what I wanted to know...Where did the idea for the Guardian of Light and all that cool stuff come from??? Are you a religious person???"

Jeannette, I was born and raised a holy-rolling Pentecostal servant of God. While growing up, we were in church ever Sunday morning, every Sunday evening, Wednesday evenings, revivals, church socials, and we even went to church camp every summer. So, do I know the Bible? Damn straight, I know it. Do I preach the gospel? Nope.

I believe God gave me the ability to think for a reason. Part of that is the gift of imagination and interpretation. After all, don't most all religions do that? It's their interpretation of the written word that they're teaching, right? I'm not saying they're wrong, at all ... let's make sure that point is made perfectly clear ... but they can't all be right either. Or can they?

All I'm saying is ... what if? What if they all got it wrong? Most religions believe there is a presence of evil on Earth, so why can't there be a presence of good? What if there were people or beings placed here to thwart the attempts of someone or something else from being able to muck up our lives even worse than we do for ourselves? Am I saying that I believe that to be true? Not necessarily; it's a story, silly. But what if?

I think we should all decide for ourselves. Because I know that the relationship between me and my God is just that; OUR relationship. And I'm not cool with someone else telling me I'm going to go to Hell because I question what someone else has told me I have to believe or else suffer my soul to an eternity of damnation.

As for the Guardians of the Light ... I think their story challenges readers to look back at their own life and see the different paths they might have taken if they'd made decisions other than what they made. We're talking decisions that, on the face, might be insignificant.

Here's an example: Let's say you're trying to decide, oh I don't know, whether to call a friend now or in another hour or so. If you wait, something tragic might have happened in the meantime and you'll never get the chance again. On the other side of that, if you call them now, they could be driving. That could lead to them fumbling through their purse to find their cell phone, taking their eyes away from the road, and thereby causing an accident which leads to their death. They'd still be alive if you hadn't called them just then, but everything happens for a reason. That doesn't mean you won't be haunted by the guilt of an action you never could have known would have that result.

What if the reason you decided to call them that instant was because someone else told you something that prompted your rush - evil is afoot. Enter the Guardian of the Light, who steps in to keep that from happening in the first place. You get my drift?

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Mary | 1 comments Nicely put C.L. :)

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