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Compared to Divergent...?

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Divergent was definitely better. In Insurgent, Tris annoyed me with her suicidal tendencies and I didn't like that her and Four/Tobias were sort of fighting. It didn't have the same adventurous and finding yourself theme (if that makes any sense...). But the ending was good and I liked some of the revelations throughout the novel. I will definitely read the last one, because besides the few problems I had with the second book, I still liked it and I love Divergent.

Avani Arielle wrote: "Divergent was definitely better. In Insurgent, Tris annoyed me with her suicidal tendencies and I didn't like that her and Four/Tobias were sort of fighting. It didn't have the same adventurous and..."


message 3: by Jen (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jen Divergent was a lot better. Tris was just so annoying in Insurgent. I felt like I wanted to be sucked in the book and give her a big whack on the head. I liked the ending though. :D I hope it means that the third book is good. :D

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I think Divergent really was better. It had more stability.

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Dee While I liked them both, Insurgent definately suffered from the middle of a trilogy syndrome - like stuff is happening, but you aren't really going anywhere

Brittany Divergent... all the way, insurgent was a little weird. Tris and Tobias shouldn't have fought all the time, and Tris needs to pull it together and get over it -___-

Jeni I liked them both in different ways. I enjoyed the character development in Insurgent and think, if used properly, it will be a nice base for the third book.

Tris and Tobias's bickering was pretty annoying, but realistic for all that. I hope they realize that they are going to have to dump the crap and just start trusting each other in order to survive the next phase of the adventure!

Katy Insurgent was obviously much darker than Divergent. As someone mentioned is the middle of a trilogy so its kinda like eating your dinner so you can get to dessert....I like how the plot unfolded. I love how the characters are not just lumped as the 'good guys' and the 'bad guys'. Peter is mostly bad but does have some good in him and Tris is the heroine but still does bad things sometimes. I thought the cliffhanger ending was great!

Beth I loved them both! But, Tris was really annoying in Insurgent because she was like "Tobias is too good for me," & "I shouldn't live, i killed so many people, I'm evil blah blah blah." Oh and she goes on for like the entire book about how she killed Will and how awful she feels and it gets kinda annoying. Besides from that, I could not put this book down !

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Nicz i'm kind of weird. i like insurgent more

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Nur DIVERGENT was better than Insurgent,, but Insurgent was still amazing but DIvergent is just DIVERGENT!! ITs too good

Amanda Adam OMG INSURGENT ALL THE WAY!!! i loved insurgent!!! don't really know why???

Isabella I totally prefered Divergent to Insurgent. I'm not really sure why, I just didn't really like Insurgent that much. I think I liked the plot line a lot more in Divergent, I guess I also liked Tris more as well.

Snigdha Deva I loved both equally. I don't get why people find Tris annoying in Insurgent. It's just like what Tris told Tobais "You try killing your best friend" Anyone will be scarred. Her reaction was only realistic if anything.

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Oni Divergent, definitely. The only story worth mentioning in Insurgent is just the last chapter. The rest is just a unnecessary prelude consist of one stupid act by another stupid act.
And thank you Veronica, because of this, I will quit the next one.

Inês I like both but in insurgent there were strange things BUT I LOVE BOTH OF THEM they have their difeferences but you should give it a shot :D

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Eva-Grace insurgent all the way. the only part i dont like about the book is that the tris and tobias's romance was just a cycle of love, fight, love , fight
but i did like everything else about it so insurgent

Pranshu Dee wrote: "While I liked them both, Insurgent definately suffered from the middle of a trilogy syndrome - like stuff is happening, but you aren't really going anywhere"

I thought that this was actually a book that DIDN'T suffer from 'middle of trilogy syndrome'. So many shocking things happened in this book and I liked this one better.

Ashley Divergent was definitely better. I felt that Tris was kinda selfish and annoying in Insurgent. The book was still amazing though!

Sierra I have to say that even though Tris was struggling throughout Insurgent I still liked it because there was so much that happened. I also really liked how at her execution Peter of all people saved her so it wasn't like Tobias just amazingly came in and saved her.

Godiva3 Divergent was way better!

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Emily I liked them both the same, but I read one right after the other in a matter of days during the hurricane, so to be fair, I think they sort of feel more like one long story to me :P.

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Sam I like Divergent a bit more than Insurgent. But still, I'm finding this series really hard to love. Writing a review on the sequel soon, so it will all be explained there!

Tiffani I liked them equally, but I agree that Tris was a little annoying in Insurgent.

Sophie Divergent. They were both amazing, but the tracks were following along the lines of The Hunger Games. Not of storyline or anything, but just the fact that the first book is the best, and it goes slowly downhill from there. :(

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Vee Gretzinger the bed scene was great! however, i found tris kinda annoying. i was totally with tobias when he got mad at tris for trying to sacrifice her life. that was so annoying . so i think i liked divergent better

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Abby I definitely liked Divergent much better than Insurgent, only because i feel like the emotion was much stronger in Divergent and i felt Tris was threatened more in the first. In insurgent, I feel like she was threatening herself and Tobias more than she was being threatened. i still want her to be that weak Tris who is always threatened and vulnerable so that Tobias can protect her. but she isn't like that in Insurgent. Overall, both books are amazing though

Autumn Don't get me wrong, I thought insurgent was a great book, but was totally ruined by Tris and Tobias. Not their bickering, which i found quite refreshing (because that is most likely how a real life couple would act), but actually more with Tobias. As Tris says in the last few pages of the book, his love is feeble and I feel that he has been a jerk to her the entire book. That is not good, because if we thought this book is darker, the next one will e much worse. Tris was depressed, which I get, but did at times take it really far. I just felt like I didn't like the Tobias in this book at all. He and the first Tobias are two very separate people. I hope they work together better in the next book.

Willa Divergent was definitely better. it was more interesting to read. I also liked how the characters were portrayed better. In insurgent everone was mad or depressed it seemed to me.

Exlibris_keagan I'd say Divergent. It introduced everything to us.

Eshana Divergent was def. insurgent their was tooooo toooo many things going on at once

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