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message 1: by Josh (new)

Josh (jchristie) | 4 comments Mod
I'm glad to see that the "500 Essential Graphic Novels" group has a healthy mix of lifelong graphic novel and comic fans, newcomers to the medium, and everything in between. As we all know, everyone has things to say, both positive and negative, about the books selected for Kannenberg's volume. While the topic of bad picks for the book that you think shouldn't have made it in is a discussion for another time, I was curious - what have you read that you think deserves to be included in a list of "500 Essential Graphic Novels"?

Personally, I think that Jonathan Hickman's The Nightly News should have made the cut. I though NN was not only one of the 500 or 100 best GNs I've read, but deserves a spot in the top ten. The vector art, earthy color scheme, and page layouts are like nothing I've seen in any other comics. The inclusion of facts, statistics and endnotes within the art and divorced from the story strengthens the book. The story about politics and media is told with a biting sense of humor that reminds me of the best of Chuck Palahniuk and Warren Ellis. Even if you don't like the subject or art, it is worth reading if only to see what can be done stylistically in comics - a complete 180 from most of the other books out there.

What do you think? What should have made the cut?

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael (mkindness) If we're only talking about books that have been out awhile (i.e. things that would have been eligible for consideration when 500 Essential was being put together), then my vote definitely has to go to White Rapids by Pascal Blanchet.

This guy has a style all his own. The book is printed in two colors, brown and orange and he uses this to its full effect. I love everything about this book: the art, the story, the typography. The story involves the town of White Rapids (or Rapide Blanc, since it's in Canada), which is built for the workers and families of a new dam. The novel follows the families' lives in this new town as it grows and changes throughout the middle of the 20th Century.

This book will not take you long to read. There's not a lot of text. But, if you're like me, you'll spend much of your time with this book just savoring the art. (Here are some interior pages: http://tinyurl.com/5mjvd4)

Pascal Blanchet just came out with a new book, Baloney, that I can't wait to read!

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