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message 1: by Call me Random (new)

Call me Random | 7 comments I didn't see a topic for mine, so hope I can do one! :)

I don't have a Deviant art profile, or any other profile that relates to art. Piratically, Goodreads and Facebook are really my only options.

I do some art on the computer, but I use paint...Generally not the best place for art.

Most of my artwork is on paper. I don't have most of them on the computer (no scanner) but I will get some artwork up by asking one of my friends or something.

Now what I draw on a daily basis, I mostly draw Nintendo related stuff, mostly Pokemon in my own way, so the way their colored is how I do it. Also planning to show some of my character, maybe even show some sketches. Just hang onto your hats!

message 2: by Sara (new)

Sara (weisthis) | 94 comments Yay! I can't wiat to see :-)

message 3: by Claire (new)

Claire oh cool

message 4: by Call me Random (new)

Call me Random | 7 comments I forgot about this group! Life was the thing that happened. But I got a printer with a scanner. I will get some artworks up. Just hang on a little longer!

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