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message 1: by Adriana (last edited Sep 22, 2012 12:22PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Adriana Discuss Schooled here!
If you don't plan on reading it at one time you can put what chapter you are on and say whatever you want to say. Would you guys prefer to read it all at one time or by chapters?

Adriana I read it already. I couldn't help it! It was so good. I'll wait till someone else reads it for me to discuss it or when it's more into October.

message 3: by Nathan (new)

Nathan (nthnlwly) I'm going to start soon. I've got a couple others I need to knock of my October list first. ;) But I'll get on this one soon. :D

Adriana Great (: I'm the same way. I read a lot on a whim when I have a list of reads. I don't know how you can stick to a list though...

message 5: by Nathan (new)

Nathan (nthnlwly) haha, mostly I don't. I'll probably stray from my list in a few days! I've been good so far, though. :P

Adriana Well I haven't. I'm still on my list but I don't do things in the right order.

message 7: by Nathan (last edited Oct 06, 2012 06:16PM) (new)

Nathan (nthnlwly) Guh! I'm still 5th in line for this at my library, and there's only one copy. >:Z I probably won't get to it this month. I hate my library system sometimes!

Adriana That's alright. Just read it when you are able (:

Adriana I'm just going to say that I thought the main character even though he was oblivious to most things and doesn't really know much about relationships treated his first friend badly after he got more friends. He was just plain rude. The friend did end up messing with him and glad he wasn't teased anymore because of him but still. At least he had the decency to feel bad.

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