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( FOR THOSE WHO READ THE BOOK) What did you think of the ending?

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Sandra SPOILERS!!!

So i finished this book 1 week ago and i still can't stop thinking about the ending. I was so shocked and breathless! It was so horrible and brutal what Carol did to Emma. What were your thoughts at the end?

Sharon I was speechless. I know you don't know me but that never happens. My husband actually asked me was I okay! I think my mouth was hanging open for like a week. Have you read the second one yet? It's got a big cliffhanger too. Wish the last one would hurry up and get released!

Sandra Hahah my mouth was hanging open too. i haven't read the second one yet, but i'm going to order it soon. :)

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I was floored! It was shocking, its sad how Carol hated Emma so much, she ended up doing what she didn't want Emma to do.

I've finished barely Breathing .......if you haven't read it yet, your reaction to this books ending will be opposite of shock!! AMAZING BOOK, I have a love/hate relationship with it LOL

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Katie The ending to this book tore me up. I immediately bought Barely Breathing, and I'm not so patiently waiting for Out of Breath. I cannot get these books out of my head. Amazing.

Toni Pope I was so desperate to read the next book (which wasn't out yet) that I nearly broke out in hives!

Stephanie Pangan Ugh.. Talk about a mix of emotions! I was angry and full of hatred towards Carol, then complete sadness and hurt for Emma, then back to anger and hate, then worry for if Emma would actually survive- And also hoping that Evan or her uncle would save her before it was too late! Total wreck. lol

Lorri I did not know there was a third one. Both of these left me shocked, they were amazing books. Can't wait for the third one to be released.

Lauree Waldrop I read the first one well before the second one was released. It killed me to wait to see what happened. I was stunned when I reached the end. I think the author did an amazing job of portraying the feelings that come with abuse. I felt like I should have seen the end coming but I didn't. I was so wrapped up in the story, the end took me completely by surprise!

Sandra I didn't see the end coming neither and i totally agree with you that the author did an amazing job. :)

Sharon Ditto...after I read it I thought yep should have seen that one coming. I just didn't really think it would go that far. I think I thought she would accidentally almost kill her...not on purpose. Ugh! Can't wait for Out of Breath!!!!

Lauree Waldrop Sharon wrote: "Ditto...after I read it I thought yep should have seen that one coming. I just didn't really think it would go that far. I think I thought she would accidentally almost kill her...not on purpose. U..."

I agree. I thought that maybe she would accidentally hurt her but not on purpose. I guess it just goes to show how in real life abuse can get so far without anyone doing something about it. We never want to think the worst.

Priscilla I think in the next book Evan will going after Emma to win back her love.remember his boxes are packed at school.

Sharon I hope you're right Priscilla! At least we have a release date now!! June 2013 if I'm not mistaken.

Sandy These books are totally amazing.... i love both of them... Evan and Emma are great together when they are on... i totally agree with all who said it leaves you shocked and stunned and thinking about it for DAYS/ heck in my case months... LOVE THIS BOOK

Julie I loved both books in this series, however, I did want to throw my kindle against the wall when I finsihed book 2. Can't wait for book 3, Evan and Emma's story isn't finished.

Lauree Waldrop Julie wrote: "I loved both books in this series, however, I did want to throw my kindle against the wall when I finsihed book 2. Can't wait for book 3, Evan and Emma's story isn't finished."

I was also really angry at the end of book 2. I am dying to find out what happens between Evan and Emma!

Kathy Cavanaugh Its a shame we have to wait until March 2013 for the 3rd installment in this series...this is very realistic, makes me think she really had some real life scenarios going on in her life. I really enjoyed reading these 2 books totally took me by surprise

Olivia I really honestly thought she died and I cried for an hour. And then I realized there was a 2nd one :)

Etb7231 I actually loved the ending now that I've read the second one. At first I didn't like it because I was so anxious. I liked how it didn't just end with "And she walked out of the house and never saw Carol again" That would've been pathetic. So overall I loved it!

Debra Doxer My heart rate actually sped up at certain parts of this story, especially the ending. I don't think that has ever happened to me before while reading a book. Thank goodness I already knew there was a sequel. Otherwise, I would have been even more distraught at the end.

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Katy Loved it! Great writing at the end.

Karen As a mother, reading what Emma went through just about everytime she walk through the door of the house gave me chest pains. The ending gave me an anxiety attack. I had to download book 2 right away so I could breathe again.

Krista I also had a heart attack. I was reading it in church and my parents had ask me if I was okay because they said I started breathing funny. haha.

Anad98 I wanted to really throw the book out the window - ugh - I'm not going to lie and say that I didn't give it 5 stars but, I was spazzing out between the reason I finished it in one day in late november and had to wait til June to get Out of Breathe and the fact that Emma was leaving (If fhe were real I would want to yell at her but I understand why she left in the first place)

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A. P. I was honestly, extremely upset.
My emotions were rung so taut, my nerves were already fraying throughout the book, because I was so worried, knowing in my gut something wasn't gonna be right.
But that's the beauty of the story. If a book makes you feel something this strongly, I suppose it's a compliment to the writer.

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Megan I hated the book, just putting it out there. That being said, I enjoyed it because it was the ending. But I was not so wrapped in that I was thinking "what a cliff hanger what will happen next?!". I've only read this one.

Megan Rowland so pissed at the end of book 1. im waiting to read book 2 (in the middle of another series now). i work 16hr shifts saturday and sundays; i finished the book about 12hrs into my sunday shift. needless to say i wasn't worth a damn for the last 4hrs and didn't get to sleep well that night either

Rashmina Upreti I was shocked,breathless,speechless and I really thought she died.....and only after I started second book I was relieved..

Julie I have read the first and second book. Loved this series !!! I couldnt believe how evil that woman was to her.
You wont be disappointed.

Anad98 All I know is that Rebecca Donovan knows how to right a cliffhanger. I was left with tears in my eyes because of Reason to Breathe then I was floored and started to have a love/here relationship with the series for the Barely Breathing. I just KNOW that the final installment will have to be epic.

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Sarah Sairi The ending really shocked me but I do sensed it as what was said by George is a bit to good to be true. I almost thought it will be another "happy ending" case. Talking about cliff hanger. Getting addicted to this series. Hurrah for Donovan!!!

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.... that was my thoughts.

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