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Who was the phone call from?
Charlotte  Black Charlotte Sep 22, 2012 08:55AM
At the cabin, when Ryan takes his parents he has a phone call where he says something like "things change...quit calling me". Who do you think it was from...Suzanne? The PA? or Lauren? Answers please because I can't figure this one out!!

It was lauren

Don't know, and it wasn't answered in the sequel either. My other question was answered when Taryn was on the phone with Ryan and he seemed to be talking to a female in background and got off quickly. I think it was the Publistcs asst cuz she helped picked out the ring.

Figure it was some kind of ex

PA, Lauren or Suzanne

I think it was Lauren because they were getting ready to film together.

I thought it was Lauren.

For sure it was Lauren

I think it was from Lauren. I wasn't sure at first either, but then I kinda came to that conclusion.

I think it was the PA

The PA.. maybe

I thought it was Lauren as well.

Charlotte Black Okay, here's the thing (this is for everyone!). When Taryn checks his phone to arrange his party, Laurens number is already registered, so surely her ...more
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