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If you were to commit suicide, would you want to end it alone somewhere or with a big bang in a public place?
Raymond Raymond Sep 22, 2012 03:53AM
Am I the only one who wants to leave the world with a bang? Haha!

quietly and not for public gossip. already knows what it feels like to be gossiped about.

i think at one point we have all thought about it like when things just get too hard and you don't wanna go on anymore. i think i would do it while i was alone in my room. doing it in public would be to traumatizing for the public.. O.O

Definitely in private with pills perhaps. Somewhere secluded where my body would easily get assimilated into the five elements of nature- may be a river bed, somewhere in the middle of a forest.
As this is hypothetical, I would also be loved to thrust into the sun- go back to the source of energy, where it all began.

When I die, no matter if its due to suicide or old age or whatever, I want to leave a legacy behind. I fear oblivion. When you think of it, I really am just a speck in the world that I'll be forgotten in due time, but I do want to make an impact, whether I'm on the verge of committing suicide or not. But I don't want to remembered for the wrong thing. If I committed suicide, it would be in a private place, but that wouldn't be the end I guess you could say. There would be some note, some explanation, something to keep at least my memory there in a good way. I want people to remember me by my dreams, by my humour, by my obsession over cheesecake and my love for books. My death won't be a big bang one, but my memory I hope will.

Anna (last edited Oct 22, 2012 08:14AM ) Oct 22, 2012 08:09AM   0 votes
Quietly and private. Probably pills. Or maybe breathing the exhaust from the exhaust pipe of my car in the garage. Why make it public? It's your life, not theirs.

My best friend tried to kill himself, so I take suicide seriously. I'm not saying I would try and kill myself. I'm just saying that I think every person at some point in their life thinks, "If I did commit suicide, how would I do it?" Thats why we're having this discussion, right?

(BTW, KathyLauren, totally agree with you 100%)

Definately alone. I can't bear to think about what it would be like for my family and friends if I made my suicide so public. Just killing myself would be bad enough.

I loved thirteen reasons why- it was gripping. I'm 49 though- I kept thinking "permanent solution to a temporary problem" When you're young four years seems like forever. When you're older four years is the blink of an eye. I'm still waiting for Y2k : ) But to answer the question, I'd be alone. If something were big enough that I'd choose to check out over it, I'd be most certainly looking for peace. I'd do it somewhere peaceful and quiet. Pills sound good- go to sleep, never wake up- don't leave a messy bloody body. If I could do it some place my body would likely never be found - even better

Knowing myself, I would probably do it in public. Mind you I never would, never will, but if I were to.
I think it would leave quite the impact, and be a slimmer of reality for the people witnessing it, and sometimes society really, really needs that.
By the way, don't commit suicide, guys. Not worth it.

I feel like suicide is something private that you'd do alone in your room.

Mena i think ur right andreina
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Does anyone stop to consider the fact that you'd be traumatising dozens of people if you did it in a public place (like jumping of a building), and possibly endangering others' lives (like if you landed on someone after a ten-story drop)?
As someone who has tried to take her life several times, I have always done it alone, but I have to admit that the prospect of dying alone is really scary, so I can understand why some people might choose to do it in a public place if it were for that reason.

Britt ^Okay, not the best comment.^ Suicide is not something to evoke humor.
Christina, I know this is an old post, and you may not even see it my comment,
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I'd probably kill myself in private some place far in the wilderness, or maybe just in my house. I wouldn't want others to have to experience my death because the would already have to deal with a lot more aside from that.

I wouldn't want to go with a bang because that could really affect people. And I wouldn't want it to be too gory, so I would go someplace remote, and private and overdose.

ripples, butterfly effect...whatever you want to call it..suicide is never the answer. ignore HS BS then take control of your life and own it. don't be a coward. MHO.

The big unanswered question of suicide is:
How will everyone react?
That's one of the reasons why people commit suicide, especially if it's a case where they feel alone in the world. Some curious side of them wants to know how people will react when they find the body, cold and lifeless, visible with the pain of death. Will they care? Or will they turn the other cheek like they always have?

I, personally, would never commit suicide. But if I did, strictly speaking theoretically here, I would end it in private. I don't want to leave this world as an attention-seeker. Suicide greatly diminishes the respect people have for you, and ending it quietly would help you conserve that last bit of self-dignity.

Na i want the world to remember me. Died of Poison in the middle of the mall or at school.

Tried to make the suicide (which is not even an option as I fear death) looks noble like Rue.

I would want people to know I died and why I died but not everyone. Maybe something small...

deleted member Oct 02, 2012 03:39PM   0 votes
It depends how determined you are to succeed. public if its so-so. Alone if you really want it.

D Mar 25, 2013 03:25PM   0 votes
alone.i dont want anyone to see it or hear it.

Quietly in my room. Then everybody would wonder; how did she did it? And i'd be the only one who knew how. BAHAHA!!

I think I would do it alone. I wouldn't want to be gossiped about after I was dead either.

Thirteen Reasons Why is not so much a protrait of Suicide, but a snapshot of the effects of Bullying...and how it effects those who participte in it to devastating and lifelong consequences...and self-examination...

Hmm, Not to be condemning, I am by far not above having considered suicide in the past, but perhaps if those of you who said pills did a little research of how more likely you shall suffocate and choke on your own vomit when your body tries to reject the drugs and you are too stoned to roll over you would reconsider. Death is not so simple, pills are not peaceful and whatever you have to face is not the end all. Talk to someone, even a stranger you will be surprised. you have so much to lie for even if you and those around you do not see it. You are worth so much more, even if you feel damaged, broken and empty. Remember, home, alone, who shall find your body? A little sister or brother? A lover? An ignorant parent who never understood? It was this thought that stopped me years ago. You are more than you shall ever realize, remember this please.

I find this to be a very insensitive question. People, real people, have suicidal thoughts every day and every day someone actually does it. Suicide isn't something you should toss about in the air without care. It isn't 'fun' to say whether you would commit suicide with a bang or quietly. This is real and it's a scary problem.

I'm sorry if this sounded harsh but I have been through, seen, and heard too much of this sad topic to take it lightly.

Would like to do it privately, but if so, nobody's going to be benefitted with my organs if they all rotted out while hanged in the middle of nowhere. It's quite a dilemma, actually.

I wouldn't want to be remembered for my death and I wouldn't like to hurt anyone who has had a loved one commit suicide. Although, I believe that suicide is not the answer. Whether you realize it or not, there is someone who cares. Many people care but just won't admit it. If you are thinking about it, I encourage you to think again. I know a few people who attempted and looking back now they are glad they didn't. There are mountains and valleys in life, but looking over the landscape you are only able to see the mountains. It may be a valley but I GUARANTEE you the mountains are on the way.

Lia (last edited Oct 26, 2012 03:02PM ) Oct 26, 2012 03:01PM   0 votes
i don't know... i would not want to die in my room nor would i want to make a big spectical of my self. i think i would go to a remote nature scene to symbolize being free of society's hold on me. hhahha i am so cheeze

AgCl (last edited Jan 01, 2014 11:14PM ) Jan 01, 2014 11:14PM   0 votes
Raymond wrote:"Am I the only one who wants to leave the world with a bang? Haha!"

ok firstly, you sound like a suicide bomber...

i think it would really depend on why i want to kill myself in the first place, for example if it was more "i hate the world and i want everyone to find out what sort of mess you've made of me" then yeah, PUBLIC, but if it was more " i feel so worthless i should die" then its definitely, PRIVATE...

I wouldn't want the kids that bullied me to be like HAHAHA she's dead!!! YAY! I would want it to be like someone finds me in my room and wonders what happened exactly. I would want people to feel my pain though, so I don't know....

and Lori, I know how you feel too. I know what it feels like to be gossiped about. Fun! Not!

I'll probably go by hanging, or accidentally bleeding out. Maybe gun. The trouble is getting ahold of it.

I don't really know. I would rather do it in private but than again, people might think you are just kidding when you say "I'm gonna commit suicide." If they would say that, I'd do it in public to prove, "no, I'm not joking. I'm gonna commit suicide." Than again, it might be like what a lot of you said, people would gossip about it and wouldn't let the person RIP. I don't really think Thirteen Reasons Why was necessarily portraying suicide, but more the after effects of someone getting bullied, like KathyLauren had said. I agree with that.

I like simple way like cut my wrist in my bedroom alone. And wondering how people react when they found my body lifeless

I would defiantly do it alone. In the book though for some reason I felt bad that she had to do it alone or maybe it was just the thought of her feeling so alone.

deleted member Jan 01, 2014 09:39PM   -1 votes
End it in private. You don't want to be talked about, and the gossip could hurt others too. Plus, you might need the solitude to get up enough guts to do it. Its hard enough trying it when you know your family might find your body...

I believe that everybody has the choice over their own life and the right to die if they do not have the right to traumatize anyone else.

Committing suicide should be a philosophical desire. You want to end your life with reason and not because of impulse. If you believe that you've had enough, then do what you need to do.

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