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Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (appsl) | 94 comments Well, since no one really Rps in a cabin it better this way. Please improvise.

message 2: by Cat (last edited Oct 07, 2012 09:04PM) (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) Melissa sat in her cabin, applying lipgloss her in mirror. It was golden with an Oath engraved on the back by her mother. She finished and read it to herself.

My daughter Melissa,
I've named you for the bee,
Since I know you will work hard
I've name you for the honey,
Since I know you will be sweet,
Keep in mind these things, and you,
Yes you, my daughter, will be ever
sucessful in your endevours,


message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Jackie walked in between all the cabins, wondering which one she was supposed to go to. She never did find that Chiron guy so she had just decided to go and try to find a cabin and maybe take a nap. After getting turned around twice and still failing to figure out which cabin she was supposed to go to. Jackie eventually just shrugged and decided to ask which was the Poseidon cabin. She walked to the closest cabin and tapped on the door, "hello? I was wondering if I could get some directions?" She poked her head in and saw a girl putting on lip gloss whilst looking into a fancy gold mirror.

message 4: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) Melissa never looked up. "You're here. Even tough I don't know why I'm in the Poseidon cabin if Im a dauhgter of Mida...but apparently I'm the only one so I was put in here..." She kept talking then realized and stoped, finally looking up from her reflection. "Oh, come in....Uh...I'm Melissa."

message 5: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Oh, so this is my cabin? Cool, score one for blind luck. I'm Jackie by the way." Jackie walked to a bunk and plopped her bag down on it before pulling out her sword and laying it on the bed next to her pack.

message 6: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) She nodded. "Uh-huh..." And continued to fix her hair and make-up in the mirror, the inscription on the back plainly made and very visible.

message 7: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Jackie stood awkwardly near the bunk, shifting her weight until she finally sank down and looked around the cabin. It was nice, with a lot of blues and greens plus a whole lot of other sea- related decorations. "So, Melissa what is it that you do around here? Someone told me to go to the Big House and talk to Chiron, but no one was there. Can you explain to me what the point of all of this is?" she gestured wildly in every direction.

message 8: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) "I really don't know. My mom sent me here to learn how to defend myself. She doesn't want her precious flower getting hurt." She said putting away her make-up. "I'm daughter of the Godess of Oaths, so, I kinda have to stay."

message 9: by Melissa (new)

Melissa "Oh," Jackie said, looking away. She wondered if there were any other children of Poseidon at camp. She then reconsidered since Melissa had said that she was the only one put in the cabin. The made her kinda sad, she had seen how close the other campers had been with their siblings and it made her feel lonely.

message 10: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) "Anyway, who's bastard kid are you...." She said putting her hands under her head and laying back, her blonde hair flowing down her arms and her bright blue eyes changing to an emerald green.

message 11: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Jackie cracked a smile, "Poseidon is my dad according to dear departed mum. Though he never acted like it, didn't even help my mum when she was dying." She stopped talking before her mum's death started getting to her.

message 12: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) "Aw, pumpkin. I'm sorry." She said. She acted almost like a southern girl minus the accent. Very sweet when she wanted to be or felt sorry for someone. Salways called people dumpling and sugar and pumpkin.

message 13: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Jackie stared at her, trying to decipher whether or not that was sarcasm. "Uh, thanks." Jackie said guardedly.

message 14: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) She took out a book and started reading. "So, I guess we shouldget to know eachother since we'll be living together....I kinda promised my mom." She said in a low, bored voice s she sarcastically crossed her heart and held up two fingers, as if making an oath.

message 15: by Melissa (last edited Oct 12, 2012 05:58PM) (new)

Melissa "You enjoy reading? Isn't it kinda hard?" Jackie said skeptically as her new cabin mate turned a page in the novel on her lap.

message 16: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) "Yes I enjoy reading. And no, reading is not hard." She said as she lightly licked her thumb and turned another page

message 17: by Melissa (new)

Melissa "So you don't have dyslexia? You're so lucky, everything is so hard to read, the letters just float around unless it's Greek." Jackie pulled her hair back into a pony tail to keep it out of her eyes and started looking through her pack.

message 18: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) "Oh, this is Greek." She said turning her book aound to show. "My mom translated all my favourite books."

message 19: by Melissa (new)

Melissa "Oh," Jackie said, finally understanding. She smiled a little as they slipped into an uncomfortable silence. She continued rummaging in her pack until she found what she was looking for, her favorite picture of her and her mum together. It was a little outdated since she had been only a toddler when it was taken but it had been before her mum had gotten sick and it was a nice reminder that life hadn't always been hell.

message 20: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) She smiled at the picture.

message 21: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Jackie got up after smiling at the picture, "well I'm going to go look at this place I'm going to be living in for the foreseeable future. Would you like to come with me?" Jackie asked, looking at Melissa.

message 22: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) "No...sorry."

message 23: by Melissa (new)

Melissa "ok, see you later." Jackie waved and left the cabin ot explore the camp.

message 24: by Cat (new)

Cat (coffeecat19) She stayed and read.

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