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Book Issues > Is there any way i can add more than 50 authors?

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Jessica Bell (jessica_bell) | 60 comments Hi there,

This book has 108 contributors, is there any way they can all be added? It's so sad that some people get to have it on their list and others don't. I think they should all be entitled to be listed. Please tell me there's a way to do this. You can see the full list of contributors here: http://www.vineleavesliteraryjournal....

Best wishes,

❂ Murder by Death  (murderbydeath) Unfortunately for works like these, 50 is the limit in the DB. What we do in cases where there are more than 50, is list the authors in the description. It's not ideal, but it's better than no credit.

Jessica Bell (jessica_bell) | 60 comments Okay ... is it possible to replace some of the photographers I have listed with some other names. When I try to delete, it says error. Perhaps I'm not allowed to do that as I'm not a librarian?

message 4: by ❂ Murder by Death (last edited Sep 22, 2012 02:17AM) (new)

❂ Murder by Death  (murderbydeath) I can remove the photographer's for you - are you an author of the work?

I've just looked at the record - you've listed everyone as a contributor so I can't tell who is a photographer and who isn't...

Jessica Bell (jessica_bell) | 60 comments I'm the editor. Thank you. Shall I send you a list in here? Or in a personal message?

❂ Murder by Death  (murderbydeath) You can post it here - that way if I can't get it done, one of the other librarians can pick it up. :)

Jessica Bell (jessica_bell) | 60 comments okay great, thanks so much!

Here are the names I'd like removed. I've included a few authors which don't have profiles so I can add some others that do:

Daniel Davis
J.R McRae
Janice Phelps Williams
Amie McCracken
Allen Taft
Amanda Forbes Silva
A.J Huffman
Benjamin Nash
Cassandra J Hubrich
Christina Tang-Bernas
Frank Sloan

❂ Murder by Death  (murderbydeath) Ok, I've removed the names above. I'm not sure, but you may not be able to edit again - I'm a bit unclear on what GR author's can and cannot edit after the initial add of a book. So if you have any difficulties, just let me know. :)

Jessica Bell (jessica_bell) | 60 comments Okay, thank you so much!

❂ Murder by Death  (murderbydeath) You are welcome. :)

Jessica Bell (jessica_bell) | 60 comments Shit! LOL I spelled a name wrong. Sorry. Can you please change Vicki Ellis to Vicky Ellis? So sorry ...

❂ Murder by Death  (murderbydeath) Ok, both are fixed. Jim Murdoch is listed here on GR as Jim^^Murdoch (where ^ is a space) to disambiguate him from the other Jim Murdoch (and any other Jim Murdoch's out there writing books). :)

Jessica Bell (jessica_bell) | 60 comments ha. Okay. Thank you so much sorry for the hassle!

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