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Guessing the author's favorite books...
Amanda Zemko Amanda Sep 21, 2012 02:18PM
I'm guessing Fahrenheit 451, and Logan's Run. Also The Giver.

Seeing aspects of all of these here.

What are your thoughts?

the giver - TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU i was reading that and i king got deja vus of matched

maybe Brave new World - the idea that if you please someone you can control them. (down there in the delirium's there is also some points of this book like beng traped in a perfect world where you have everything you need but it doesn't feel rioght to you)

i got recent book similarities with this like - Delirium per exemple - their traped in this perfect world where they have everything but nothing seems real

O yeah THE FAHRENHEIT 451 has that thing - Cassia's father job is burning books and stuffs . to hide the past - in fahrenheit 451 people do the same for the same reasons - the giver- a boy has to live with EVERY MEMORIE that existed in the world and the old one who is given those memories to him knows that if people KNOW THE THRUTH would become almost ensaine - YEAH you are alright :O there are things that match with matched X)

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