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message 1: by Kay Lotus, Red Queen (last edited Sep 21, 2012 02:06PM) (new)

Kay Lotus (ayokayo) | 249 comments Mod
I should've mention this earlier in the month. If you still haven't read Saga and don't mind going digital, Image is making available the first chapter to the series for free through the ComiXology app (available for both iOS and Android). They're also giving away first issues to 19 of their other ongoing series. You guys should definitely peruse through the selections and take your picks. Here's the link where you can find 'em and download:

I've already picked out Fatale, The Manhattan Projects, Epic Kill, and Danger Club. If you don't know where to start, I'd definitely read Saga first and then Fatale. I've read a lot of good reviews on that series.

message 2: by Anna (Bananas) (new)

Anna (Bananas) | 758 comments How were these - Mahattan, Epic Kill, Danger Club? I've bought Fatale but haven't read it yet.

message 3: by Kay Lotus, Red Queen (new)

Kay Lotus (ayokayo) | 249 comments Mod
Anna (Bananas!) wrote: "How were these - Mahattan, Epic Kill, Danger Club? I've bought Fatale but haven't read it yet."

I started reading TMP the other day, and it's pretty solid so far. The characters and tidbits about the Manhattan Project itself are historically accurate. The plot twist is that the MP is actually a government cover-up/decoy for more "disturbing projects." I haven't gotten to the part where these projects are revealed, but I can only imagine anything that's using the invention of the atomic bomb as a cover-up must be pretty scandalous.

Epic Kill and Danger Club are still in my queue. I keep forgetting to check out Fatale! I peeped a few pages of the first issue which looks very noir and right down my alley. Might start reading that this week.

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