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Carter got off of his plane and was greeted by his sister and mother. They drove him home and his mom ushered him into the kitchen; insisting that he hasn't been eating enough.

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lola texted miss you baby

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Cater texted her back 'miss u more babe, trust me, apparently Ive gotten too skinny'

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well at least they care my parents are out with there friends

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'sorry babe....wish I were there, Liz says hi'

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oh whatever its fine..... and tell her i said hey

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'this is Liz, I've confiscated Carter's phone, I gotta know, are you a popular creepy girl?' she texted as carter chased her around, trying to get the phone back

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she laughs and writes back i wouldnt say im creepy in that way but do like the thought of death and pain

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'finally, one that's not a prep' she texted back, hitting the send button right before carter tackled her gently, and took his phone back

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she rolls her eyes um..ok

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Carter frowned when he saw what she wrote 'stupid Liz, sorry about that babe'

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its fine i do that stuff to my brother all he time

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'she's evil, but anyway, want something to brighten your day?'

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depends what?

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Carter sent her the llamas with hats video 'enjoy'

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she watches and smiles rolling her eyes 'your so stupid you know that :)'

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'you know it made you happy'

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'I am victorious ;)'

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yea... yea.. im so bored it like 1 am here

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'past your bedtime young lady, it's only 9 here'

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oh want to video chat

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'sure' he video calls her

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she answers and smiles "hey"
her hair is in a messy bun and shes weaing her pjs

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Carter smirked "hey babe, nice outfit"

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"whatever..."she smirks. he could see her bedroom

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"behind you, the purple, it's blinding me!" cater joked as he covered his eyes wih his hands. Lola could see the attic room with exposed ceiling behind him

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she rolls her eyes "i like the color purple" she smirks

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Liz knocked on the door, and without waiting for his answer she burst in "who are you talking to? We're going to watch movies!!" she saw Lola and stopped "oh hi, I'm the evil sister"

Carter rolled his eyes at Liz

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"well hey evil sister"she says and leans back aginst her many pillows

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Liz smiled "yeah, I definitely like you better than the STUPID CHEERLEADERS" she said directly to carter "they made me get manicures with them!!!"

Carter frowned "that was a log time ago Liz, you aren't supposed to tell my girlfriend about my exes"

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she rolls her eyes "oh carter your luck im in new york"she says she knew she would probably kill him or his sister or both

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Carter chuckled "I know, I would be dead if you weren't. And so would you" he said to Liz

Liz shook her head "I run. Fast." she smirked

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she smirks "not fast enough..." she says and hears her front door open

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Carter pointed towards the door "out" he said to liz

Liz obediently left the room yelling "CHRISTMAS MOVIES!" before she closes the door behind her

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her mom calls "lola...trent"
"what Ma" she yells with her new york accent

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Carter chuckled "im guessing she wants to see you pinky" he said, still laying on his bed, ignoring Liz's warning

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her mom walks in "hey sweety" she looks at the coumptur "whos that"
lola rolls her eyes "get out ma"

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Carter waved "I'm carter Jensen, mam" he said, knowing it would annoy Lola

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"yea i dont care...but what are you to my duaghter "

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"her boyfriend" he said cautiously, praying she didn't react as badly as Trent

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"well your not bad looking and dont seem like a total asshole so...its fine"she says

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Carter nodded, relieved "good"

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"now get out Ma "she says
her mom walks out
((i was at a cute boys house sorry))

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((all is forgiven, deets plz? :)))
Carter sighed with relief "that was nerve racking"

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((well my brother plays with his brother so his parents invited us over))
"yea sorry about that... my ma's crazy"she she says her brooklyn accent showing up

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"tsk tsk tsk. You're back in new York for a few hours and you already have the accent" carter joked

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"it never goes away..."she smirks "so you met my ma and trust me you dont want to meet my dad"

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Carter nodded "I'm just happy that I'm in Texas right now. I think I would be killed, then someone would kill my corpse, and someone would kill that corpse and so on. You've got your own little protection force"

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