The End of Normal The End of Normal question

Did anyone notice the resemblance??
Munchmeat Munchmeat Sep 21, 2012 01:34PM
look closely at the pages of photos ... did anyone else notice the strong resemblance between Stephanie and Ruth?? the smile, hair, face .... uncanny.

No, I never picked up on that. But have you never heard that most men marry women who remind them of their mothers? I think it's safe to say it's not necessarily a conscious thing.

Just finished reading The End of Normal. My book club chose it - I would probably have not. I did like the insight into this family tragedy given by Stephanie. As I read, I kept trying to answer the question- did the sons (or anyone else) know about Bernie's deception? I really don't think they knew. Should they have known?? Stephanie give an honest, sometimes raw, inside look into a family torn apart by more than one tragedy. I found her voice, painful at times, gave this book credibility. Grief is a journey no one chooses to take but one which, once begin, has to be travelled with a good deal of faith and courage.

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