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Not a Win for me

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Johy I am sad to say that Jaci Burton's latest has been a disappointment for me.
I truly didn't feel that Savannah and Cole have much chemistry. Most of the book fell more like a strong friendship with sexy sex between the characters. Also, I don't know why but Savannah's dialogue felt artificial for me. Not much emotion in her words.
Yet, this book doesn't take me away from Jaci, I just hope next time she lets herself enough time to deliver a great book instead of hurrying up with an ok story.
Not my favorite book, but Okay

Annette I enjoyed it because I like her writing style. But Savannah was a little up tight. She came across as much older than Cole. The romance didn't evolve as well as Liz and Gavin.

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K HORRIBLE. Everything about it.

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AJ Valdez Im with you! :(

message 5: by Helena (last edited Nov 16, 2012 05:33PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Helena I have to agree I read it the 1st week it came out and was very disappointed. It's to bad because I enjoyed the prior books in the series :(

AlbertaJenn I don't know. I'm reading it right now and I agree that the chemistry wasn't *boom* like the others in the series. But, I'm starting to feel it.

Yes, Savannah is more reserved than Tara, Liz, or Jenna. But that is the point: different heroines make it interesting.

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Agreed! This was not my fave. I didnt feel the chemstry between Savannah and Cole. AT ALL. Also felt like their story was incomplete when it ended.

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