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Fourth Book available only 3 months after the Third

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Shannon I've been checking all over for this book. Since Goodreads and the author's web page said the publication date was September 2012 (Not September 20th as it does now) I figured it had to be available somewhere. I was guessing that since the last book just came out in June 2012 and that it was not available or even available for pre-order at any of the US book stores that maybe it wouldn't be released here until later. (The author is in the UK.) On September 12th I found that I could order a copy from the UK for $18 so I ordered it. Now the kicker. I was just on Amazon looking at my wish list and not only is it now available but they have a kindle edition for $9.34. Books a Million has it for $7.61. Ugh. I could have had instant delivery for half the price. As it is, my hard copy from the UK just shipped yesterday. I'm even considering buying the ebook now and giving my hard copy away as a gift. Why would Amazon, B&N, etc. not list the release date until the date of release? B&N still doesn't have this title available. Is it because it's not a US release? I'm baffled.

Evan To make more money, obviously. But keep the book. Hardcovers, paperbacks, any of them are better than e-books.

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