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Should J.K. Rowling write the eighth book in the harry potter series?

I think she should write about the kids of the Harry Potter Students.

No, there's only so much inspiration an author can have for one series of books and I think the last chapter of deathly hallows says it all. It would be a shame for JKR to write the book purely for the sake of demand then ruin the series because she ran out of ideas. Think about it, Harry has rid the world of the most evil wizard ever, what could JKR write which would ever come close. Harry became an auror and given that he offed voldemort I suspect he would act as a deterrent for any future dark wizards. Secondly, Voldemort only really became that evil through a chance set of circumstances which would be unlikely to ever happen again.

What would the kids do that could possibly live upto the expectations of Harry Potter readers. A PREquel may be worth a thought though because she already pretty much worked out the storyline it would just need expanding.

I think that it would be to great enjoyment of the whole world, but the only thing she could really write about would be something that might just be... not as interesting. Don't get me wrong, I love Harry Potter and will love anything J.K.Rowling writes I am sure, but I believe that she has now worn it out. So maybe, if another were to be written, it might be about life in the Potter family, or Harry's job as an auror. That would be great to read, but we already have a knowledge of that from Moody, Tonks and all the other aurors (If I was even correct with the first two!).
Also, the general public might just think that she is trying to make more money. But in any case, if she does write an eighth Harry Potter... I want to read it!!

I think Harry's story is as good as it will get. To add more (especially a whole novel) would take away from what was already written. Nothing would work better than a reader's imagination to fill in the "blanks".

I wouldn't mind something from another era, perhaps, like stories about the founders of Hogwarts, but even that would take some doing to make it on par with Harry's story, I think.

Gini Yes, I would love a story about the founders of Hogwarts. Or the Grey Lady and Bloody Baron.
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Though I really loved the Harry Potter Series, I think that everything must have an end. If you keep postponing it, things get uninteresting and lose originality. But I do think she should write another series, but not about witchery, since I have the guess that nothing of the gender will compare to Harry Potter.

I don't think JKR should mess with the story of Harry... But maybe a book that tells the life of other charakters in the HP series... Not in the same litterary language as the HP series, but more like a summary of their lifes, sort of like she have done with some of them on pottermore...

Harry's story is concluded better than anything else I have ever read.

I would however love to go back to Hogwarts either with his father's generation of his childrens' generation.

I will read whatever JK Rowling writes, no matter the topic, but I will be disappointed indeed if I find myself in 10 years reading Harry Potter and the Midlife Crisis.

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Nah.. I don't think she should. What else is there to write about that would make as good a plot as the original seven? But it would be cool if she wrote a Harry Potter encyclopedia that there was talk about..

if everything has already been cleared up what would be the point of writing more? so no she should NOT write another one because this addition of another book could kill the whole idea and magic created by the series

As much as I love HP, it's not necessary for her to write an 8th book. She ended it just as any good author would.... and that is to leave something for us (readers) to imagine. We know they are well. There's no trouble in Paradise and it's up to us to fill in the gaps.

The way the book ended made it possible for fanfictions and fans to continue to explore the world of HP. We are privy to more exciting things because of this. To fill in the blanks between the last day of Voldemort until the last page of the books, she gave us something to discuss and argue over and over again.

No eighth book, but I wouldn't mind it if J.K. Rowling wrote one or two more short stories (perhaps for charity, as with the prequel) that fleshed out the existing series' ending. After Harry spends the entirety of the seventh book pining for Ginny, and the whole battle of Hogwarts freaking out about her safety, I kind of expected the two of them to run into each other's arms at the end. Instead, he passes her on the way out the door with the thought that he can always talk to her later. That seemed a bit anti-climactic to me after the slow build that occurs throughout the rest of the book. So I wouldn't mind a short story that filled in the details of their reunion—even if it were done as a flashback on the way to something else.

We also never find out what Harry's ultimate career is. Over the course of the series it's repeatedly suggested that he's hoping to become an auror, but we never find out if this actually happens. I can see why he might ultimately not become one—at one point he expresses that part of his desire for the career is to help him prepare for his destiny with Voldemort, which would be moot after book seven. Plus he's lost several of his auror friends and mentors, so that might be a downer. But it'd be nice to know what ultimately became of Harry's ambitions.

I have two different views on this. The fan in me wants more, but the logical side of me says that it ended, and it was a good end.

Writing about the children could actually be a good idea, but I would only be okay with it if JKR truly felt inspired and had some fresh ideas. It's not like we want to read Harry's story rehashed in his children's lives.

I agree with Isabel, the story ended on a high. Maybe leaving it there is best.

An eighth book really isn't necessary, but if she did come out with one I'm sure we would all inhale it and devour it without a second thought.

I know that HP has had it's run and all good things come to an end.. But would a liiiiitle bit more really hurt that much?! I, personally, would love to read about Teddy Lupin! Remus as dad, Nymphadora as mum and Harry as his godfather.. I literally ate up the bit about him at the end of book 7. Plus, he is a Metamorphmagus!! It would be a perfect follow-up to the series :)

No, what is the point in writing another Harry Potter book when all the danger is over and done with. We know Harry and Ginny got together and had kids. We know the same happened to Ron and Hermione. We know Voldemort is dead and the background of Snape. To me, or so it seems, there is no more to write. The last book left me feeling content, and I don't crave an eighth book. Sure another installation would be nice, but utterly pointless to me

I think the tale of Harry Potter is complete & another book in that series would be pointless. I mean would it take place with the main characters sa married adults, where book 7 ended, or go back to when theyvwere teens? What would the conflict be now that Voldemort is dead? I just can't see how another book would add anything to Harry'a story, I would hate for her to write one and it be awful, that would be a blight on the whole series. I think a new series set in the wizarding world in general, or even still at Hogwarts revolving around different characters might be interesting.

I think she should do a short story collection, maybe of Harry and Ginny's wedding, stuff like that, but the real magic of the series would be lost if she wrote an eighth book.

Nah. I think it was pretty much finalized. Although, a book about Harry's Kids...that's a different matter altogether :)

No point writing more. Adding to the saeries would only take away from the great series that is already out there. Writing about the kids of the students would be a waste because then people will want stories of their children and stories of their children etc. Writing another book for the series would only bring the quality of the existing high down, and once it gets brought down from where it is now there is no chance of picking it back up. Even for such a great writer as JKR

There are so many stories Jo could write for hogwarts. Maybe some short stories would be good. Nobody could get sick and tied of hogwarts.

I think she should,it would be interesting to read about Harry's family......
maybe one of his kids would have adventures like Harry did......
who's to say Rowling would not make it just as interesting.....?
I say she should......
but.......that's just my opinion.....
and I'm just one person.......

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No, I don't believe she should.
As people have previously said, everything has to end eventually and there is little plot left for her to work with.
Also, there are hundreds of examples where the creator should have ended on a high instead of pursuing the idea, only to hit an unescapable low.

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NO. NONONONONONONOONONONONONONONONONO. No. its perfect. don't touch it. no.

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