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Travels with Charley: In Search of America
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What do you think John thinks about the trip?

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Morgan Wolff | 3 comments I think John is enjoying the trip and he is having a nice time in solitary with his dog Charley and meeting new people.

Meredith Hickerson | 2 comments I think he is having fun with it and is excited to see where it takes him. I think he will meet some good friends throughout the trip and Charley is an amazing dog.

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Annalycejm | 1 comments I think he enjoys it alot, being with his dog and he's going to see lots of new places.

Tyler (16tjenness) | 3 comments I think he's having a great time with one on one time with his dog across the country enjoying the scenes of this beautiful country.

Logan Backhaus | 3 comments I think he is enjoying his trip and he doesn't have any regrets about it. I think it helps that he has Charley with him as a companion.

Alexa Chapman | 1 comments I think that he enjoyed getting to know his country, but was saddened at times by what he saw and what the US really was. Its so easy to think that we live in such an amazing place, but when you take time to get to know it, your outlook can be much grimmer.

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