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who should play in the movie?

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Lola Mark I want to know woh yall think should star in the movie comming out..... hopefuly soon=)

Heidi I can't wait until the movie comes out!!! ;)

Kayla It's quite long, but it's an answer/suggestion/comment. :D

Mary - There have been many strong thoughts about Kristen Stewart playing this role but from most movies I've seen her in, it's mostly heavy breathing and that plain look she just naturally has (no offence to her fans). Emily Browning, Liana Liberato or Isabelle Fuhrman are my top picks, but I'm really hoping to have an unknown actress play this role. It's nice to see fresh, new faces, as long as they can portray Mary as well as Jennifer Lawrence can portray Katniss in The Hunger Games. As for her mother, although it's a small role, Elizabeth Mitchell would be able to capture that lost look.

Cass - I had Sofia Vassilieva in mind, but also Gemma Ward and Halston Sage caught my eye. For someone to play Cass, I think, has to have that vulnerable look but still as strong (maybe Leven Rambin?). Because what Cass does much of the journey through the fenced paths is moan, complain and doubt anything that Mary says. (I haven't read the books in a while, so I'm just going off with what I can recount) Now that I think about it, Gemma Ward could play Gabry in DTW; Amanda Seyfried as Annah in D&HP.

Jed - He is someone who is headstrong and a sort of leader. So, obviously he is older, and being Mary's older brother, he would've been stressed out and strict. But he had a soft side he would rarely show to anyone, but probably showed it a lot towards Beth. Chris Hemsworth, I think, would be able to play this role. I was considering Blair Redford, but from what I've seen in Red Dawn, I think Hemworth could really be that headstrong-sensitive character that Jed [probably] is, but I'll be expecting a new face for this role. As for Beth, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to have Lauren German play her.

Travis & Harry - I'd have Alexander Ludwig as Travis and Sam Claflin as Harry. Well, you know, Travis is supposed to have an innocent look [right?], and I think Xander can portray an innocent yet strong character (I think Evan Ellingson would be good for this role, but he doesn't have the muscles). I imagined Harry as Sam Claflin as I was reading the books. He's blonde, strong, and freaking beautiful (cannot wait for Catching Fire!).

Gabrielle - Skye Bennett or Kat Dennings. I like their big eyes.
Jacob - I was thinking of either Asa Butterfield or Dakota Goyo.

I'm really hoping they bring in some new faces. And I hope they start working on the movie soon, I haven't seen any news about it in a while ... anyway, what do you think? who do you want in the movie?

Budd Mary- Debbie Ryan?

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