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message 1: by Kim, Proud Queen of the Fat and Fabulous! (last edited Sep 21, 2012 07:18AM) (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I thought a nice place to put our snappy comebacks, the things we wish we had said,and the things we have planned is in order.

NOTE: This section is the ONLY section where FOUL LANGUAGE IS ALLOWED. Sometimes you just have to call a chicken-fucking, sheep humping, shit eating mother-fucking son of a bitch just what they are.

One of my favorite ones that I came up with in high school. This was a good one for the guys who were picking on me.

"Just because you need the Hubble Telescope to see to play with yourself, don't take your male aggressions out on me."

By the time they realized they had been insulted, I was long gone.

message 2: by Kim, Proud Queen of the Fat and Fabulous! (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
Yesterday,I was IN LINE to pick up my prescription, waiting patiently for the older than God's grandfather patron ahead of me to finish up his business,when this guy who was in his early 50's or so,comes up to me, asks me if I was in line, and then stepped IN FRONT OF ME after I said I was!

I was so shocked that I didn't say anything,but I felt that the pharmacy clerk should have said something to him. To me all she said was "Yeah, he can be really rude."

What I wanted to say was, "Pardon me dickless, but I was here first, so shift your skinny arse back where is belongs before I forget I'm a pacifist!"

I didn't, but I wanted to very badly.

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