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Jessica | 85 comments what would u like to do

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Jessica | 85 comments If you don't mind, anything but medival. I am writing a book on that right now and need a different pace in my rp. Thanks.

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Jessica | 85 comments sure, or u can just begin or give me an idea and i will begin....i am really easy going

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Jessica | 85 comments they all look good.....do i have to choose? could u please choose?

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Jessica | 85 comments oh thats a great idea....which do u want to combine?

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Jessica | 85 comments how about end of world; good girl meets bad boy; highschoolers; romance or best friends.....and would u want to be girl or boy

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Jessica | 85 comments which do u prefer....either one is good for me and i will start makeing out a charrie

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Jessica | 85 comments k, i will have a bad boy charrie in a few....

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Jessica | 85 comments Name: Daniel Walker

Age: 16

Appearance: http://malehairstyles.info/male_hairs...

Personality: confident; intelligent but really shines with street smarts; enjoys living life on the edge; protective; good at hiding his soft side (kind heart, loves animals, absolutely loves his grandmother)

History: been in and out of Juvenile since the age of 8; doesn’t know parents but is told mother was a drug addict and a hooker; grandmother raises him; has a “bad boy” image cause he really doesn’t care what people think of him (except grandmamma); mysterious; secretive; can be egotistical about some things; knows how to take care of himself; resourceful

Other: He was a sweet kid with bad luck. It was Juvenile that made him mean. He learned bad habits in Juvy. He now can steal cars, pick locks, knows ways to use a blade, and can con his way out of situations.

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Jessica | 85 comments Daniel was walking down the streets of Manhatten (or any other big city). It was all so surreal. Just hours before the city was bustling and had the energy that only a city could have. Now there was chaos. Women were screaming in terror, children and infants were crying, and men were yelling. Debris littered the streets. Cars and trucks were crashed into one another. The one sound that sent shivers up Daniel's spine was all the blood curdling screams from everyone that was dying.

Daniel was staying calm on the outside, but was frantic inside. He needed to find his grandmama. She was right here just when the flash happened..... what was it that had happened? As his eyes scanned the wounded and dead, his eyes stopped on one charred corpse. He couldn't see any skin, it was all black and smoking. But right next to it, he recognized a handbag. One he had bought for his grandmama when he came home from Juvy the last time.

Daniel too a second to feel the grief. Then he looked around and began to start gathering items from the stores (there was no alarms or anyone to stop the theft). He was grabbing things that would make money and things he would need (such as clothes, blankets, food, ect) He was quickly putting things into two shopping carts. Within 10 minutes he was almost done and was almost out of breath from all of his running when he ran into a girl. He was still dazed from everything, but he thought he saw terror in her eyes.

His survival instincts kicked in and he yelled "hey look where your goin!...some of us are still trying to survive...this...whatever this is" As he said it he moved his arms around to demonstrate the state of the city. He was not the only one running for supplies and trying to escape the smell of burning flesh.

Daniel then gave one of his million dollar smiles (oh how his grandmama would let him get away with stuff if he just smiled) at the girl and went to go back to stealing.

((how is that for a beginning? if u dont like it or have a different one....u can start or tell me ur idea))

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Jessica | 85 comments ((i thought so, that way ur charrie would be in the rp right away...if u dont like that opening, i can make a different way for them to meet up soon))

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Jessica | 85 comments Normally Daniel would have kept on his way and ignored the girl. But with all the screams and crying in the city...seeing a tear began to make him mad. Ofcourse he really wasn't mad at her, but she was the one that set off the emotion.

"Stop crying! Look around, everything has gone to sh*t in mere minutes. So stop the crying and do something useful!" he yelled at her. As soon as he was done he did regret his words and yelling. On the other hand, he needed to finish his stealing and get out of the city as soon as possible.

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Jessica | 85 comments Daniel through up his hands and stalked off. Long ago, he had lost his instincts to comfort. His mind was on survival now and that was what he was going to do.

He soon realized that 2 shopping carts were not feesible. So he headed into an outdoor store for a backpack and other camping supplies. In his gut, Daniel knew his survival was more about surviving than making extra cash.

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Jessica | 85 comments ((i need more to rp))

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Jessica | 85 comments ((Kk))

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Jessica | 85 comments In record timing, Daniel had a backpack with all gear and food. He had to fight the masses but that was his usual day on the street. He began to head out of town, taking back streets. He then was remembering the girl. Something about her touched his heart...and she looked so so....pathetic. Like he had looked when he was 3, and his grandmama took him in with love and care.
He sighed for his soft side had won. He raced back into the camping store and tried to gran what was left, and there wasnt much. He then exited out the front to find the girl that was crying. She wasnt far and was still crying. And dusk was settling in. He approached her and held out the smaller backpack
"Come if u want to live through the night" he said a bit tersely but they would already need to camp in the city tonight. He felt bad for the girl but he wanted to survive....whatever just happened.

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Jessica | 85 comments ((Sorry for typos but i am on my phone doing this since my wifi is on the fritz right now and have never been good at texting))

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Jessica | 85 comments ((i dont want to sound mean or anything but if all u have time to do is one liners with me, then we might as well stop the rp now))

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Jessica | 85 comments ((hey if ur just not feeling it then we can try a different rp storyline, its just hard to rp when all u have to work with is one liners....its like writing one of my books, lol))

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Jessica | 85 comments ((its up to you. i was only trying to help since i had complained about your very short responses. if u rather, just delete this...i will see its deleted and be on my way.))

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