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message 1: by Scott (last edited Sep 21, 2012 05:37AM) (new)

Scott (artrobot) I didn't see much Terminator discussion, so I thought I'd try and start one with some questions.

1) what are your favorite/least favorite aspects and installments of the franchise?

I loved Terminator 2 and The Sara Conner chronicles but I'll watch them all again and again.

I had no problems with the fatalistic ending of Terminator 3 but when I originally heard that Claire Danes was going to be in the movie I must admit I was hoping she would be the new terminator. I just thought it would be a great idea to have the new evil terminator be an even more unlikely opponent then Robert Patrick did in two and provide potential love interest confusion by not revealing her true identity at first. Then I was pleased to see other people had the same idea when The Sarah Connor Chronicles did that with Summer Glau but fighting for the humans.

In Terminator Salvation, I just didn't like John Connor at all. They made a much more sympathetic character out of Sam Worthington and I thought it was a huge waste for him to sacrifice himself for John. I found myself wishing Sam's character had taken the identity of John after a John death scene.

2) How does John Connor exist in the first place as he sends his father back in time, causing his own conception?

Posing this question to this group was actually the reason I initially wrote this post.
My only explanation is that (perhaps) in the prime time line, Derek Reese is leader of the human resistance and sends his brother Kyle back when he discovers a plot bt the machines to go back an kill Derek as a teen. Kyle just happens to meet Sarah, and John is conceived to become leader of the future resistance.

3) Assuming someone will revisit this franchise in our lifetimes, would you want a sequel or a reboot?

I'd pay to watch either but Arnold's switch to the unlikely protector in Terminator 2 was so perfect I don't think anyone could fill those shoes in a reboot.

message 2: by Tej (new)

Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
1) Loved T1 and T2 equally, I think I watched both films repeated same number of times. T3, I saw just once and enjoyed it mainly for Arnie ("I am a Machine!") but hated the whiney John Connors character. Terminator Salvation for me was an awesome prequel, I just dont understand why there is such a nasty backlash for it, so much so that it appears to have killed the franchise. Sure it doesnt hold a candle to the first 2 films, I never expect it to but it didnt deserve the slating it got. It pains me because it came out the same year as Transformers 3 and this was by far the better big robot movie and storywise there was much promise to give a nice wrap around loop. Loved the super cameo at the end too, that just rocked.

2) The BS explanation is that all points of time are adjacent to each other. I have said many times before, Time loops are absolute nonsense but they sure as hell are entertaining. Basically time loops exhibit an effect that comes before the cause which is like looking at those optical illusion paintings of a waterfall flowing downwards to the top of the waterfall. Impossible but mesmerising BS, same with time loops.

John Connors sending his father back in time to save his mother from the terminator and also to be conceived. Equally nonsense but as fun as looking at that intriguing waterfall painting. However, the later Terminator films, while retaining the loop introduces an elasticity within the loop. In T2 ending, they avoid Judgement Day but that is only a delay, the machines will always still rise somehow and John Connors will always have a reason to send Reese back (well he just has to, to exist). Fun stuff but can I just use that word one more time? Nonsense :)

3) I want a sequel to Terminator Salvation! But it aint gonna happen.

message 3: by Tej (new)

Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
I dont know why no one has posted this news yet, we all surely know about it as its 2 months old!

Nevertheless, here is the two months old news:

Terminator 5, first of a new planned trilogy:


Plus ARNIE WILL BE BACK as The Terminator


Now for theories on how the hell they gonna pull off an elderly Arnie playing a mechanical T-800 model.

I reckon, perhaps that the T-800 models are partly organic so do go through an ageing process that we just didnt know about in the previous films. Its the only justifiable explanation I can think of and I suppose could also explain the already noticeable 10 year ageing difference between T1 and T2 films.

message 4: by Bill (new)

Bill Cleary | 66 comments Terminator with a walker just wont fly.

message 5: by Art (new)

Art (artfink02) | 97 comments Hmm... Bionic walker with powered exoskeleton? Arnie could be doing Terminator #22, when he's 103.

message 6: by Howard (new)

Howard Loring (howardloringgoodreadscom) | 1174 comments No walker needed.

Just WD40 & lots of it.

message 7: by Lincoln, Temporal Jester (new)

Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
Terminator 5 is going to reboot the whole series as if T1 through Terminator Salvation did not happen. New history alternate reality not sure how they will address the issue but with Time Travel its pretty simple. Sort of what they did with the new Star Trek.

I do have an exclusive behind the scenes glimpse of the new show. Its a line from Arnold Schwarzenegger...on set:

I'll be AAAhhh MY BACK!!

message 8: by Tej (last edited Jul 06, 2015 11:35AM) (new)

Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
Well, I just got back from seeing the latest Terminator movie, Terminator Genysis, whom I saw with my long time old school friend, both of us avid cinema goers and Arnie fans from back in the early nineties. We have kept up our friendship ritual of seeing each year's major blockbuster ever since seeing Terminator 2 in the cinema (we were too young to see the first one in the cinema but were big fans of the VHS tape version!). We saw all the other Terminator films and enjoyed them, despite their obvious inferiority and flaws.

So we both held no high expectations for this latest film, if Arnie is in it, we knew we will enjoy something out of it!

And we did. But we suddenly felt very old as we watched our Commando sporting a lot more grey hair, wrinkles and crankier walking style. He looked...Old...so naturally we felt it too! And to make it worse, we seeing the young arnie in the movie too (astounding achievement in CGI btw). But it was still the same Arnie that we know and love and he didnt fail to entertain us in his charmingly limited range of expressions and one liners. So Arnie didnt let us down, we enjoyed him.

A pity then that that was nearly all there was to enjoy.

For this film was one humongous mess of a time travel extravaganza that went everywhere and nowhere with mammoth amount of huge gaps in logic. In fact my forehead was sore from the amount of times I was smacking it.

In all honesty, there is a feast of time travel stuff going on which always excites me and to begin with, it did...but then it was making absolutely no sense. What a damn shame because if done well, the film had the potential to be hugely fun in its time travel ideas but sadly, the script writers applied zero logic to it all and broke all the blasted rules set out in the first two films (and the hugely underrated fourth one).

What a calamity. And I am someone who is rather lenient on plot holes as I always try to fill in the gaps myself but this was just beyond my ability to make any sense of it.

The direction was energetic though and I like the support characters who delivered sincere performances in this madness of a film. There are also so many nods to the classic first two movies that I really enjoyed.

The action scenes were a huge let down. They lacked innovation and most importantly, they lacked any sort of tension. Yes our heroes are constantly in jeopardy from the baddies but you dont feel any fear for them. Thats a huge failure for this sort of film. I remember back in 1991 having a nightmare of the T1000 chasing me around London...he was frightening in T2! This film makes those same baddies look like idiotic. They're not scary at all. There is none of that building tension.

There are some fun character moments and I seem to have enjoyed it that little bit more than my friend who said at the end, "I hope they dont make anymore, I think I had enough"

I might I have to agree, reluctantly.


message 9: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Glasser | 208 comments I LOVE the original Terminator movies. I didn't mind 3 at all and consider it to be a worthy finale for a 3 part series. I HATED Salvation. It felt like a stand-alone movie, and even then it was mediocre at best.

I saw Genisys this weekend and actually liked it. There are lots of throwbacks to fan of the original 2 movies and a re-working of the original story which made sense for the most part. There were definitely a few things that didn't really make sense or get resolved, but if you watch through the credits there is a clip that opens the story to another sequel, so they may resolve these things there. I did feel that the new terminators were overly powerful and it was ridiculous to think our heroes could defeat them with their limited teachnology. I'd rank it 4th after the 3rd movie, but after Salvation almost anything is an improvement.

message 10: by Tej (last edited Jul 06, 2015 11:47AM) (new)

Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
Yeah, the mid credit scene keeps the franchise open for sequels which I wont mind and I think I heard, they hope to make this a trilogy.

I realise I am in a minority but I loved Salvation. It was a good story and a much more faithful script to the original two films than Rise of the Machines and Genisys. I was faithful in a way that it absolutely maintained the continuity and integrity of the originals yet spun its own story well. However, its fault was it had no charisma...ie no Arnie starring role :). I really wished the film was followed up on but it failed to bring in the bucks...hence the new film and sure enough, with Arnie back (as Terminator) the money is rolling in again regardless of the critic reception which is kinda cool.

I just dont feel this franchise has much steam left but if a sequel is being made, I am seeing it!

message 11: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Glasser | 208 comments That's the problem with Hollywood these days. They can't come up with anything original so they re-make or pin unworthy sequels to original stories until they're worn out or dead.

message 12: by Lincoln, Temporal Jester (new)

Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
worn out or dead...Time travel defies that issue...Bring back the Sarah Conor Chronicles!

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