Fallen (Fallen, #1) Fallen question

If you were in Luce's place, would you: go for Daniel, fall for Cam's sparkly emerald eyes, or break the rules so you could get out of the school because boys you don't know are following you.

Cam, he seems to have a better personality than Daniel. Daniel just sounds like a empty human being! Cam has some back story to him. Daniel's all: "I'm an angel, love me!"

Cam . Cam . Cam <3

Those Green Eyes :O

Woaaaah .

daniel is jus de same old mysterious guy =/


break the rules and get out of school.

Darby Franklin yup me 2
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I would probably go for them both!! LOL

CAM!Daniel seems soooo boring!!!:P

I think I would spend a great deal of time hoping for escape, but all the while Cam would be my reason to stay.

Since both seem to just spell trouble for Luce I would just have stayed away from both.
But to be honest:
Emerald eyes are way prettier than boring gray....

Darby Franklin well they have specs of purple
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if i were luce then i would've have fallen for emerald eyed cam instead of a certain violet gray eyed person i know...

daniel. of course. :)

D A N I E L ! I prefer to choose him because breaking school rules is worth it if I spend it with him.. :) <3

If I were Luce, purely based on the first book before we find out the truth, I would go for Cam.

I would freak because I got sent to a school for freaks and then freaks are checking me out. Who can think about guys at such a time? But as always, I'm Daniel, duh.


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