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This is wing b,where most of the adult casualties happen due to sickness and injuries.

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Olivia walked down the hallway,already feeling the dread in the hallway.She wore the uniform she was required to wear,her hair in a messy braid. ( though the shoes are heels,not sneakers )She had to take care of a few people here,changing their IV's and taking blood tests.

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Olivia spotted a face,though not one that she saw in the hospital at all.She knew she was not a nurse since she wore no uniform so she walked up to her"Hello ma'am,but i believe you are in the wrong place"She said nicely,just as mother forced her to be with anyone in the hospital.

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"well then put these on and get to work.we need all the held we can get.your going to 82b and your going to change the patients IV's and refill their blood packages."she said handing her a uniform and heels

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