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This is where you'll find various shops and it looks exactly like new york city,its like a complete replica.

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Drake walked around,the streets crowded with mutated and a few immunitatem.You could notice which were transformed and which were not because of the way the mutated usually walked.They usually had an arrogant,egoistical,cocky bounce to their steps.The immunitatem walked almost as if they were the mice,and the mutated were the cats.Which was partially true.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) Sky walked out into the streets of the city, she grimaced as she stepped into the swarm of people. She ran into several people but didn't apologize because then she'd actually have to converse with someone and that made it hard for her to keep up her facade, even if she was just saying a few words. She hardly even left the house without Bryce but he had particularly busy hunting down sooners so she hadn't seen him much lately. She uttered out a soft sigh as she reached up and pulled her long hair into a high pony tail so that it would stop falling in her face.

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Drake walked with a cocky grin on his face as he watched the few immunitatem in the crowd struggling to get through.He leaned on a stop sign as he watched them repeatedly apologize.He laughed,a menacing sound coming out of his mouth.He was genuinely entertained,yet other mutated didnt notice enough to stop and watch.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) "Why the hell are so many people out here?" Sky grumbled to herself. She wasn't claustrophobic but it was so crowded that she felt like she was suffocating. After pushing several people out of her way she broke free and took a few deep breaths.

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Drake smirked as he saw someone who looked like a mutant,and acted like it,but she didnt quite fit exactly.He shrugged it off.He wasnt a tracker so that wasnt his job and he couldnt care less anyways.He began to walk again,standing up straight.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) Skylar let out another sigh before she started walking down the less crowded street. She easily maneuvered around people, she walked at a fast pace as she kept her eyes locked on the sky. She didn't want to look at them but she couldn't look down at the ground since that would make her look out of place compared to the others walking around with their heads held high so her only other option was to stare up at the sky.

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Drake walked down the street with a smirk on his face,blending into the crowd easily.He rolled his eyes at some of the slowness,so he used his speed to speed up to the next street.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) Skylar stopped when she reached the corner where Bryce had agreed to meet her so they could go out to get some lunch. Her lips turned down in a frown as her amber eyes searched for his familiar blue ones. She held in a groan when she finally accepted the fact that he wasn't there.

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Drake smiled as he heard someone groan.Drake always had liked hearing people suffer,and when someone was suffering,it was usually a immunitatem.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) She was upset that her brother skipped out on her to catch sooners but her facial expression showed none of the sadness she felt. She waited for a few more minutes before giving up "dammit Bryce" she muttered under her breath as she turned on her heel in annoyance.

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Drake grinned before he kept walking,no exact destination in his mind.He just liked wandering because he would see the idiotic Immunitatem trying to fit in with the mutants.And he found it entertaining.If they werent there,he would be at the houses doing nothing all day.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) Skylar rubbed her sleepy eyes as she started walking, she didn't know where she was going, she just wanted to walk. Maybe she would get lucky and just walk right out of this awful city. It was disappointing to think the only reason she was even still there was for Bryce and he didn't even seem to care whether they spent time together or not.

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Drake walked forward,speeding past many mutants with his super speed.He disliked the feeling of walking,mostly because he thought it was too slow.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) Skylar arched an eyebrow as someone walked right past her quickly. It didn't take long till she realized he was a vampire like Bryce which caused her to frown slightly. She always wondered what it felt like to have so much power, Bryce was always going on about how amazing it was.

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Drake soon stopped when he was at a slightly secluded street and he walked amoung the people,liking the less crowdedness.

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Drake walked around the streets until the Immunitatum bored him.He thought he may go search for some sooners,thinking mother would be very pleased,but he was being lazy so he just wandered a bit more,looking for anything interesting.

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