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Wow, this a first: I liked the movie better then the book

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message 1: by Eva (new)

Eva King The thing that annoyed me as well was the way Bruno would call the camp "outwith", he was german, why would he say in English?
I agree with you, I liked the film better and I watched after the book. At least in the film it portrayed the bad smell and found out what happened to him before a year passed, not like in the book.

message 2: by Mary (last edited Sep 25, 2012 12:38AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mary Tirzah wrote: "I like the book and movie equally; both of them show the tragedy of war and as Feven stated, a friendship between people w/different backgrounds. "

I agree! The movie captured the spirit of the book beautifully. I love both :)

Karla Rades I havent sean the film :(

Karla Rades Katie wrote: "I very much disliked the book. I haven't seen the film, but my brother has, and he enjoyed it. The film has got to be better than the book, though.
Bruno was so naive and stupid. I was NOT a stupi..."

yeah i don't see how he didn't realise what the 'fence' was used for?!?!?!

3Codyf he was pretty stupid i would of asked my dad and if he didnt tell me i would ask the kid in the striped pajamas and if he didnt tell me of to hitlers house or at least ask a nazi gaurd. idiot

Charlotte I have only just seen he movie and read the book some time ago - I personally still prefer the book which I loved, but he film was good.

Hilary West I liked both the film and the book. The film was amazing though of course stretching credibility, but Bruno was great in the role. Yes he was naive, but so was I at his age. Maybe German children were not like that in the war but more like his sister who showed a lack of naivete when she gets rid of her dolls and spouts some political clap trap to Bruno. They have started brain washing her because she is older than Bruno, but Bruno shines as a blue eyed boy that was never a nazi.

Courtney they were both good to me!:)

P.J. Young The book is phenomenal - I taught it to my year 8 class three times (that's year 8 in England: 12-13 yr olds) and each time we got to the end there would be silence in the classroom. Can't wait to see the film, although I hope it doesn't erase the images I have having read the book.

Sabrina I couldn't agree more, I had an elective class where in we were required to watch this movie and at first I thought it was about Hitler's childhood which turned out to be a bit far from what was really happening. After watching the movie, i bought a copy of the book. Sadly, that was the very first time I got bored with a book and didn't want to finish it. I love boyne's concept but the thing is the book lacks imagination and being a 9 year old kid, shouldn't the text be a bit more exciting? Throughout the whole book, I picture Bruno as a whiny kid who wants adventure and hates most of the people around him, the movie was far greater than the book. I loved it and it made me cry which was the opposite of what I felt for the book.

Melani I was disappointed in the book, but I am glad I read so many good things about the movie and decided to give it a chance. I thought the movie was very good, and I believe this is only the second time(the first being Forrest Gump) that I've enjoyed a movie far more than the book it's based on.

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