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Crown jogged onto the field, his hand in Albany's. He went into the locker room and came out wearing a golden football uniform.

Olliver walked onto the field, and changed into some gym clothes.

August walks onto the field and changes into a plain tee shirt, shorts, and sneakers.

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Albany sat in the bleachers, watching

Carter came out of the locker room in his gym uniform

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trent gets changed and comes back out

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Coach Samuels walks onto the field. "ALRIGHT, LADIES, PUT DOWN YOUR FASHION MAGAZINES! LET'S GO!"

Crown walks confidently right onto the field.

Olliver jogs over.

August shudders and walks over.

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Carter jogged onto the field, head held high

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trent jogs on to the field

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Crown drops and starts doing one handed push ups, just to show off.

Olliver stares right at the coach.

August smirks at Crown and Carter.

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Carter does his push ups one handed and obediently, not willing to let crown show him up

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trent just watches

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Crown jumps up after twenty, looking at coach right in the eye.

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Carter does the same, his gaze level and confident

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tent just smirks

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Crown ended up being first. He smiled confidently.

Ollie was third.

August was second to last.

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trent is after august

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Carter was second
((*searches mind for football positions*))

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Coach points to Crown. "Quarterback." Crown says with extreme confidence, glancing at Carter.

The coach chuckles. "OKAY, HOTSHOT." He points to Carter.

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trent rolls his eyes

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"running back, sir" carter said

Albany smiled, watching all of them

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"ALRIGHT." He points at Olliver.

"Linebacker, coach."

The coach nods and points at Trent.

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"rightback"he says

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The coach smiles. He points at August.

"Kicker, sir." He says, and does a salute.


August walks to where the ball was to be placed, and waits.

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Carter placed the ball for August

((pleas ignore the fact that I have absolutely no knowledge of how football works))

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((Lol, I have some knowledge that I have gathered from TV XD ))

August backed up, ran towards the ball, and kicked it. It made the goal from 50 yards.

"EXCELLENT. IN.... WINTER." He scribbled something down on his paper. "MANNING. YOU'RE UP. LET'S SEE IT."

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he goes

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he shrugs and leaves

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He watches. "HMMM.... IN. MANNING. FREE TO GO, AFTER YOU MAKE THIS PLAY." He scribbles on the sheet. "GOLDEN. UP."

Olliver marches. He plays with Trent, running and dooing a bit of tackling. "IN. GOLDEN. CARTER. UP."

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Albany watched with an amused expression

Carter focused on what the guys were doing

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((sorry he didnt leave))
he smirks

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Carter looked up "sir?"

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((send carter to gymnastics after)))

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"SHOW US YOUR STUFF. LET'S GO." Coach watches.

Crown waits impatiently.

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((will do :)))
Carter did a play, focusing on what he was doing.

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"IN. FREE TO GO. SUPERIOR. LET'S SEE IT." Crown runs onto the field, gets the ball, and makes the play with perfection. "IN. SUPERIOR. FREE TO GO. FIRST GAME IS THIS SATURDAY. GET AS MANY UNIFORMS AS YOU CAN OVER THERE." He points to a bench stacked high with uniforms. "AND TELL YOUR GIRLS TO WEAR ONE OF YOUR JERSEYS ON SATURDAY. TRADITION." He takes a seat on the benches.

Crown runs over to the bench and grabs as many uniforms as he can carry. He waits for Albany.

Ollie gets his uniforms and leaves.

August takes his uniforms and runs off the field.

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trent takes them and leaves

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Carter got a bunch of uniforms and walked off the field

Albany walked down the bleachers to crown "good job" she kissed his cheek

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Crown smiles and walks next to her. "Thanks. So, you gonna wear a jersey on Saturday?"

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Albany smiled "well I certainly cant break tradition"

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"That would be terrible. I have to head to the music room, practice is in there today, but I'll see you, kay?" He gives her a kiss and walks to the music room, stumbling with his uniforms.

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Albany smiled "okay" she said as she walked towards the school

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Isabel~domolover | 3021 comments Sammy comes rushing out onto the field felling the mill-dew air on her skin and smiles.

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Carter drags Lola onto the field

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she follows him

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Isabel~domolover | 3021 comments Sammy giggles "I love being outside." she says as she skips around like shes 6

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"alright. Since we only have three, this is how it should go. You two on one team, me on the other." he grabs a football

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"ok.. but sammy is really on he own because i know nothing about football"

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Carter shrugged "just pass and run. Simple as that" he smiled and tossed Lola the football "you guys start"

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Isabel~domolover | 3021 comments (i know about football but very little) Sammy looked over at her and got in ready pission.

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