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A Filthy Youth groupie Post them here! Anything about how I can make the group better, stuff like that!

message 2: by A Filthy Youth groupie (last edited Feb 06, 2009 10:20PM) (new)

A Filthy Youth groupie There should be a dance, like a cool one. At my school, there's a graduation dance. They decorate and the gym actually looks good. Last year the theme was Hollywood. This year, we voted and it's going to be either A Night in Paris or like Cruise Ship. Maybe we can do something like that except not for graduation.

message 3: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken okay. like a new year of school dance.

A Filthy Youth groupie yeah, or like a fall dance or winter one

A Filthy Youth groupie I'll make a poll for everyone to vote when we should have it and what the theme should be!

A Filthy Youth groupie Does anyone have any ideas for a theme?

message 7: by Austin (new)

Austin Hmmmmmmmm......80's! Omg 80's would be amazing!

message 8: by Austin (new)

Austin 80's would be dope lol

message 9: by Austin (new)

Austin Oh no what? I am lost lol XD

message 10: by Austin (new)

Austin Try? Psh, I am kewl lol

message 11: by Austin (new)

Austin Mhm, just keep thinkin that Tess lol

message 12: by Austin (new)

Austin I don't think you know it either XD!

And No, I'm not in denial

message 13: by Austin (new)

Austin Nuuuuuu lol

I am not XP

message 14: by Heartbroken (new)

Heartbroken Maybe a valintine dance.It is almost V-day.

message 15: by Hannah (last edited Feb 07, 2009 04:48PM) (new)

Hannah Lindsey (hannah_l) | 7 comments My school's valentine dance was yesterday :) It was really lame though.

Ooh, how about a masquerade valentine dance party! Like, everyone wears masks and there are roses/cupids/hearts/whatever everywhere! And it can be really dramatic, like, someone wants to do something cool for their special someone for v-day, but they accidentally do it to someone else because of the whole mask thing... I think it would be cool, but maybe that's just me lol XD

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

omg i think a masquerade dance would be flippin' awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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