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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. Nancy drew book. Need help ASAP

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Snowballina | 3 comments The book is a Nancy drew book where she receives mysterious rock music videos at her house with no return address. She is trying to help one of her dad's clients who has been accused of plagiarizing another photographer's work in a magazine. They both have similar photos of a girl in a statue of liberty costume. When Nancy meets the client she has bad feelings about him but doesn't no why. She meets a professor with a theory. When Nancy takes the rock video to someone they discover that there are hidden slides inside the tape that say bad things about the client and that is why she did not like him because the video influenced her brain.

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Melanti | 333 comments The Mysterious Image ?

I haven't read it but per Google, it seems to fit.


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No response; moved to Abandoned.

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