Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain Self Comes to Mind question

Carla Carla Sep 20, 2012 11:12AM
what do you think of his conclusions? Aren't they a bit too swift on the importance of the spiritual need of men?

The conclusions are some how speculative because the subject, is indeed, a concept that need much more evidence to demonstrate some of the systems incomprehend today. One of many conclusions I found(solidest) is that all process take part as separated "nucleus" («images» of information)that were mash up to elaborate the perception of all.

I found most of his conclusions somewhat unscientific, which turned me off a bit!

I thought this book was very interesting! I can see how some of his conclusions are speculative but I think he is really trying to advance our understanding of consciousness and bring something new to the table. It was a little different from other books I have read -- Demasio uses a bottom up approach and gives a lot of credit to older more primitive parts of the brain in their role in creating consciousness than other books I have read. Trying to answer how neurons, neural networks, and brain structures create consciousness and subjective experience is no easy feat and I think Demasio's reasoning is compelling.

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