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message 1: by Tierra (new)

Tierra Encantada | 76 comments Mod
Profound complexities attend the characters' lives, saddled as they are with the weight of a tragic history and the difficulties of modern Indiann life. "Imagining the Reservation" ends with a series of sentences that begin imperatively-"Imagine." what does Alexie suggest about the force and potential of the imagination for Indians?

message 2: by Tala (new)

Tala | 10 comments I think that alexi trys to show us that the reservation indians are not really what you think they are. For example in the chapter "a drug called tradition they have the indians on drugs and the indians have visions while this is happening.So that says that poeople may think that while they are doing their tradition,people think they are on drugs(or look like it). Also throught the book the character is a drunk and I think that other people think about them like that.

message 3: by Nadia (new)

Nadia Sandoval (Nadiiia) | 11 comments Alexie i feel is trying to prove that we non reservation living people "need" drugs to see or feel what indians feel naturally on a daily basis. In a drug called tradition that story is pretty much comparing drugs to tradition. the whole i thought was about them doing drugs and acting like idiots, but in all reality it was talking about indians traditions and how people precive and assume they are as people.

Augusto Rodriguez | 14 comments i agree with what tala said because he is a drunk and most indians are drunks. they have these visions to keep their culture alive not to have fun or to do something dumb they use drugs to have that attachment to their ancestry.

message 5: by Antonio (new)

Antonio Lopez | 12 comments I agree with Nadia that we don't see what the Indians naturally see. we see the world differently compared to them we have to alter a minds with drugs drugs but thats not the same. When the indians take the drug traditon in "a drug called tradition" "Thomas looked around the car. hell, he looked around the world and then he poked his head to some hole in the wall into another world, a better world. (the Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight in heaven) this is saying when the Indians on reservations take the drug tradition they view the world in a different way a better way. In the chapter "imaging the reservation" i think the indians are trying to imagine a way out a door to escape from being a modern Indian to going back to the reservation how it use to be where every Indian took the drug tradition. That's what I think alexi is trying to explain.

message 6: by Yazmin (new)

Yazmin S | 10 comments I agreed with tala Indian are not who they are but they have things that they do on their tradition in drugs just to make it true somehow people don't know or they seem like it if they are in tradition drugs or not.

message 7: by Julio (new)

Julio Rodriguez | 9 comments I agree with antiono and with Nadia that our aspect is completely viewed different because we haven't got thought what they Indians have as well as we aren't in there position. Indians I feel have forgotten about tradition and use drugs to alter there mind to change there aspect on tradition. I feel that the Indians imagine everything in a different way rather then accepting the truth and living by it rather then living your life in a lie.

message 8: by Mikey (new)

Mikey Trujillo | 9 comments I feel alexie is trying to say that since we aren't doing drugs or partying all the time that we don't understand how hard life is for the Indians but actually they are the ones that forgot about tradition and think that there tradition is just partying and doing drugs, but there tradition should be spiritual.

message 9: by Erik (new)

Erik Enriquez | 5 comments With his stories Alexie shows the power and potential of these Indians imaginations. In the beginning he shows how these kids went out and literally connected with mother earth, I mean kids in cities take massive amounts of drugs and the last thing they think of is a connection. His stories show how powerful their imaginations where, probably because their lifestyles didn't revolve around boomtowns until the Spanish showed up.

message 10: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Schwartz | 9 comments That's why I feel people always see Indians as drunks and druggies becasue they can see so many spiritual things. Like in the chapter "A drug called tradition" they didn't actually take a drug, it was simply their tradition. They were taught to see their ancestors. Alexie thinks of the Indians traditions as an almost surreal hallucination and that's why people just assume they are drunk or on drugs.

message 11: by Bianca (new)

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message 12: by Erice (last edited Oct 09, 2012 01:24PM) (new)

Erice | 9 comments I agree with Antonio that we don't see the world the same as Indians because we have Different views and Different cultures and unless we learn their culture and views we won't be able to see what they see. THe ability to imagine shows an unlimited ability to succeed in anything that a person does in the present and the future. When a person imagines they are projection the desire to succeed in their endeavors and possibly a shot at regaining their manhood.

message 13: by Bianca (new)

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message 14: by William (new)

William  | 10 comments We look at Indians through a different perspective. We see Indians as they awkward good for nothing things, that the only thing they know what to do is get drunk and do nothing. But as Alexie says in his introduction none of these stories are true let alone real.

message 15: by Carlos (new)

Carlos Garcia | 11 comments i think so many natives a drunks and druggies because they lost intrest in the things there tribe does in a drug called tradition they were just taught traditions they got to see the world the way there ancestors did

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