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Tierra Encantada | 76 comments Mod
in "Distances" the line "I dreamed of television and woke up crying" is set off and repeated. What is the importance of this line? How does it compare to the line repeated in "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock": "In the room the women come and go /Talking of Michelangelo"? How does Alexie's line connect to the rest of the story, to its tone? How does it relate to Thomas's vision of the Tribal Council? What would the story be like without it?

message 2: by Tala (new)

Tala | 10 comments the line "i dreamed of television and woke up crying", I think this line means that he was thinking of some of his past like it was television and woke up thinking about it. It was replaying in his head again and again.I also think it is similar to what the song of J. alfred prufock is trying to do as well. Alexie's line connects to the story because before it says the line it shows what happened before he woke up and what he dreamed about his "television". Everything that is said there relates to what thomas said because what he decribed is the story that is being told in the next chapter. For example, thomas mentions "my wife", I believe that this is "tremble dancer", on the next chapter.The story would be not filled in if he had not written another chapter on it.

message 3: by Julio (last edited Sep 23, 2012 08:00PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Julio Rodriguez | 9 comments J feel that the line "I dreamed of television and woke up crying " is just a image that is viewed, I feel that in the paragraph right under the line "I dreamed of television and woke up crying." I think that it is the passed weight of all the natives who once lived and have passed it down to the natives who live now with that weight! I feel that these two lines just contiune to remind him of the truth that he was now facing. I feel that the story is now becoming more clear and is moving us forward and the truth is still being debated on.

message 4: by Nadia (new)

Nadia Sandoval (Nadiiia) | 11 comments I feel that many people opose television because its really negative and provacitive and people feel that they could live without watching everones negativity, well i feel that the line "I dreamed of television and woke up crying" represents a greater depth of a negative sense or vision.

Augusto Rodriguez | 14 comments "i dream of television and woke up crying" this sentence is like julio said an attachement of some sort to their ancestors. i get this from the next paragraph wer he says he says " the others have come from a thousand years ago, their braids gray and broken with age."

message 6: by Antonio (new) - added it

Antonio Lopez | 12 comments I agree with tala to some extent. The TV does remind him that his past but it's not what she says it is. I think the line "last night I dreamed about television I woke up crying" I think that line Thomas is saying that the TV is giving of static remembering when he found a static radio and one of the white peoples houses that they were burning. Burning, fire, tremble dancer, when she was dancing aroung the fire.the girl he loves but cant let the tribal council know because ita against tribal law.

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Antonio Lopez | 12 comments And him and her we in a tree and her skin flaking her legs burned her telling him "my legs are leaving me tremble dancer told me once then it will be my arms my eyes my fingers the small of my back" i think this is saying the urban sickness is already starting and she is jellious that thomas is a skins.

Yazmin S | 10 comments He was dreaming about he just watched television and woke up crying is like something that he truly remembers and its recorded into your head and brings it up,there is something that he had been watching it the women he used like whom he said in television. I think he has connection with the feeling and in the dreams he had.

message 9: by Mikey (new)

Mikey Trujillo | 9 comments I feel that "I dreamed of a television and woke up crying" means that maybe he had a dream about the Indians before them and how they lived there life, and he is finally figuring out that they way they are living is wrong and maybe he will change.

William  | 10 comments I agree with tony. I think the line " last night I dreamed of television and woke up crying" is exactly what tony is describing in his answer. But you also have to take that he might be imagining the past like tala said.

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Lauren Schwartz | 9 comments Maybe the quoted sentence "last night I dreamed of television and woke up crying" means he was visioning the Indian life as of it was on tv. Like he can now see in between the lines and finds a connection with his ancestors.

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