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Nauti - Lora Leigh

Summary - Set in the town of Somerset, Kentucky, this series is initially about 3 alpha male cousins who used to share lovers but are now finding love...and dealing with homegrown terrorists. The series has now moved on to other characters.

1. Nauti Boy
2. Nauti Nights
3. Nauti Dreams
4. Nauti Intentions
5. Nauti Deceptions
6. Nauti and Wild anthology - (future release)


Lora Leigh
Nauti Boy (Nauti, #1) by Lora Leigh Nauti Nights (Nauti, #2) by Lora Leigh Nauti Dreams (Nauti, #3) by Lora Leigh Nauti Intentions (Nauti, #4) by Lora Leigh Nauti Deceptions (Nauti, #5) by Lora Leigh Nauti and Wild (Includes Wild Riders, #4) by Lora Leigh

message 2: by Emmi (new)

Emmi (emmik) Hi, I"m new to this group. I love the Nauti series. I hadn't heard anything about Nauti Kisses. Does anyone have info?

Do you think Faisal will get a book?

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jenjn79 | 409 comments Mod
I'm not sure there will be a Nauti Kisses anymore. Before LL redid her website, she had a list that had it listed as an upcoming release. Now I don't see it anywhere anymore.

There is an anthology coming up soon with Jaci Burton called "Nauti and Wild"...the summary doesn't say who the characters are for the LL novella.

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Kathrynn She must be going through a nightmare right now. Hope she comes out ahead.

Lizz (Beer, Books and Boos) I have this book on hold at my library

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Debbie (halfpint66) | 38 comments Very behind on this series!!

Lizz (Beer, Books and Boos) I'm just starting it

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Tanith I didn't know Lora's books were erotic. I've read 4 of her books now just to prove im not a prude but heck were these books erotic.
Prude is my name!

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