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Megan (Sheffield) Tell Ms. Sheffield about what you read this weekend. Read a minimum of 30 minutes and tell me about what you read. Be sure to include at least 2 specific examples.

message 2: by Rachel (last edited Sep 21, 2012 02:25PM) (new)

Rachel | 4 comments I read Out of My Mind this weekend. In the beginning of the book Melody loves words. But she can't speak them. What i am picking up as i go on in the story is that she as a issue with her body. She can't talk and she is in a weel chair. The part that i thought was important was when she was getting tested for school if she can apply. Melody tries to tell her parents what is wrong with her. She is a smart girl but very inscure.

message 3: by Matthew (new)

Matthew | 3 comments I read Epic this weekend. Epic is a book about a video game that you build your own character and fight inside them. Over the weekend I read about the main character, Erik watching one of his friends character die. Once you die you can't come back to life. This is sort of like real life. I also read about how Erik found out his father's character was still alive. This meant that Erik and his dad could still challenge the Central Allocations to a battle.

message 4: by Molly (new)

Molly | 2 comments I read Stalker Girl this weekend. It is about a girl named Carly who lives in New York City. She and her ex boyfriend recently got back together. They were so in love and so happy together. Brian plays in a band and she would go to every concert of his. He loved it! Until Carly got a little to clingy and wouldn't leave his side. Brian started to get very annoyed, and broke up with Carly. Now she is stalking him.

message 5: by Stanley (new)

Stanley i read Storm Runners this weekend. chase and his two friends are stuck at school in a freak storm. the teachers put them on a bus to get them home but the bus gets blown over by the wind and they plumit to the water lake! they all escape as the were funnily enough sat next to the emergency exit! they start walking up the road all linked in arms when they come across a 13 foot gator! could this be the fate that chases dad had been talking about...

message 6: by Anna (new)

Anna | 3 comments I read Close to Famous this weekend. It is about a girl named Foster who lives with her mom in West Virginia. The reason they had to go to West Virginia is because Foster's mom's crazy ex-boyfriend attacked them at there old home. So, they had to move away as quick as possible. Now they are living in a small trailer which they are not used to and in a town that spent all of their money building a new prison. Foster is forced to make new friends which is almost impossible to do.

message 7: by Lucy (new)

Lucy | 2 comments I just started Life As We Know It. This book is about a family who hears that the moon is going to get hit by an asteroid but they don't really think much of it. But that night when the whole neighborhood is watching this event happen and everything changes. There is earth quakes, tsunami and many other tragic events that happen to the world when the moon comes closer to the earth. And this is just the beginning.

message 8: by Nina (last edited Sep 23, 2012 11:41AM) (new)

Nina This weekend i read the book Flawless from the Pretty Little Liars sereis .Its about 4 girls named Hanna ,Aria ,Emily ,and Spencer that have a friend name Ali that goes missing and they are trying to find out what happend to her. At the same time they are getting texts from someone named -A that knows everything about them, Ali,and their families.-A might not be just some creepy stalker but might also be a killer.The only thing that is perventing these girls to get to the bottom of this is secrets. No wonder they call these girls pretty little liars.

message 9: by Chris (new)

Chris | 3 comments Over the weekend, I read The Mysterious Benedict Society. What I read was that the children (Reynie, Kate, Sticky and Constance) were attacked by a very dangerous man called a 10 man. But before the 10 man tried to kill the children, Kate's dad, Milligan attacked the man and saved the children. The children also found the island where their friend, Mr.Benedict was kidnapped by Mr.Curtain who is Mr.Benedicts arch enemy!

message 10: by Anna W (last edited Sep 23, 2012 02:21PM) (new)

Anna W | 3 comments This weekend I continued to read the book "The Dead and The Gone" by: Susan Beth Pfeffer. In the part that I read this weekend Alex goes to one of his friend's dad's work and talks to him about his family having trouble. Since his parents are gone and his sister is sick, this man gives him 3 passes to a place that has food, clean air, and is a perfect and private place for them to go.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

This weekend, I read Gone by Michael Grant. What I read about was all the adults had disappeared, and the teens and animals began mutating. For example, Sam, the main character has the power to shoot fire out of his hands. Another girl, Lana, has the power to heal any kind of injury. Animals, such as rattlesnakes are growing wings and can fly. Coyotes can talk and are much smarter. Who knows what will happen next!

message 12: by Tara (new)

Tara | 3 comments This weekend I read the book This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer. This weekend I experienced an important moment in my book when the family all 10 people had a great amount of food which is new for them because there always relying on food deliveries or fishing for shad but they went house hunting and were a success with a bunch of supplies and food. This was a good sign that they had an amount of food that everyone could have a little bit at each time therefore, it would last for a long time. Another important moment of this book, the most important in my opinion is when Alex and Julie must leave for the whole family to have more food and therefore Julie can be safe and somewhere Alex knows where to find her. Tales wanted to become a monk at a monastery. The only reason why they were leaving was because when they went to Texas to visit their brother who is in the marines (Carlos) who said Julie would be safe at a convent. Miranda and Alex shared a kiss which made things even more difficult. Eventually Miranda admitted to herself that she didn't want Alex and Julie to leave and tried to stop him but Alex was focused only on his plan. Even when they were talking to each other he said it wasn't a good idea for them to think of them more than friends. Now they are on the road for Julie to be safe or so they think.

message 13: by Kacie (new)

Kacie This weekend I read the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read about how Peeta and Katniss had to watch Cato die slowly from the mutts that attacked him and then finally had to kill him themselves, they also found out why the gamemakers brought them together, so they would have to kill eachother, so they made the gamemakers and capitol look bad by almost committing a double suicide. Thats when they realized the real danger of the hunger games had just begun. They kept their love act going for the sake of their safety but when Haymitch told Petta that Katniss was just doing the act for the games he felt so mad and confused, because he did love her and thought that she wasn't just acting for the crowd while Katniss thought he was acting. When they get off the train the have to put on the love act again. I wonder what will happen when they get back to district 12?

message 14: by Charlesb (new)

Charlesb | 3 comments This weekend I read the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. What I read about was when Hugo saw that Isabelle had a key shape like a hart. The next day Hugo went to he's job where Isabelle was but was asked to leave because he was stealing toys for he's machine and the boss thought he broke in to he's house. Before Hugo left he stole Isabelle key. He used the key to finish he's machine.

message 15: by Sofia (new)

Sofia | 7 comments This weekend I read a very intense part of my book. If I had not read this part of the book i would not have been able to understand the entire story.
In this part of the book Ingrid betrays her whole family, but only one person in her whole family knows. Dom! He is is threatening to tell the whole family if Ingrid doesn't do what he says. Here's what happens.
When Brianne, one of her cousins, brings her boyfriend Trevor to the annual family New Years Eve party. Ingrid develops a crush on Trevor and Trevor begins to like her too. So one day while Ingrid is walking up the white, ugly steps into the house someone stops her. And guess who it is? The one and only Trevor. Before either of them could realize what was going on, they're leaning into each other and kissing. Ingrid isn't thinking about how this is Brianne's boyfriend. She's betraying her own cousin! Before they have enough time to pull away so nobody can see, Dom, Ingrid's second cousin, walks up those same exact white steps and sees them. What will Dom do with this power? Will he abuse it or take advantage of her?
I think that Dom will not do anything with this secret because Ingrid has a secret about him too.

message 16: by Breana (new)

Breana | 4 comments This weekend i read the book Eleven by Lauren Myrcle. The one thing i read about is how Winnies the main characters friend named Amanda gave her a kitten for her birthday. I do not know one person who would have given there friend a kitten for their birthday. Another thing that had happen was that Winnie and her sister Sanda went to the dentist and said some mean things about their dental worker and their mother had told the dental worker what had happen and now Winnie and Sandra are very scared to go back to the dentist.

message 17: by Hetty (last edited Sep 23, 2012 05:13PM) (new)

Hetty | 3 comments This weekened I read a book called Uglies by the author Scott Westerfeild. I read about how this girl named Tally lives in a society where you are either ugly or pretty. What is diffrent is that on ur sixteenth birthday u get an operation to become pretty,but when you are pretty u are perfect.Almost everything about you is perfect, all of ur features and everything.When Tally's best friends named Peris turns pretty 3 montths before Tally bc his brithday is three months before hers. Everything will change because he is a completley diffrent person now that he had gotten the example is when she went to vist him in Prettyville, Tally was so shocked at what she saw. A differnt person in Peris, he almost looked so differnt that she could barley recegnzie him.

message 18: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 2 comments This weekend I read a book called Behind the Curtain, by Peter Abrahams. I read about how Ingrid's dad is in danger of losing his job, to a woman named Julia LeCane. She is formally vice-president of operations and is close to getting Ingrid's dads job. I also read about how Ingrid's soccer coach is getting replaced by a new coach who she thinks is a little savvy. So knows that she has to go undercover and think, what would Sherlock Homes do? On Saturday Ingrid rolls out herbed and remembers about MathFest and rushes out the door. While walking to school to compete in the MathFest she is kidnapped and put in the trunk of a car.

message 19: by Henry h (new)

Henry h This weekend i read Hatchet by Gary Paulson. During my reading this weekend I learned more about how Brian the main character was able to survive in the wilderness. One thing he did to stay alive was to make a spear to catch fish with. During my reading this weekend I also read about Brian trying to commit suicide. In this part of the book Brian went crazy after being in the woods so long and that no one even looked for him, so Brian tried to commit suicide but he failed. After Brian calmed down he said to himself that he will never go crazy like that again.

message 20: by Michael R. (new)

Michael R. This weekend i read Maximum Security by Robert Muchamore. During my reading this weekend i read about how lauren on her basic training trip. On her trip they came across a bear, and this bear was sleeping and they only had a short amount of time to get to the last checkpoint. they had tried to wake the bear up but they couldn't but at the end they realized that the bear was fake and they just made it to the last checkpoint in time.

message 21: by Andrew (new)

Andrew | 3 comments This weekend i read Maximum Security by Robert Muchamore. During my reading I read about how James and Lauren had escaped prison with there victim and were running away from the police. Since they were getting chased by the police James hijacked a car and started a car chase! They were getting chased for a really long time but they finally lost the police, and were safe and sound.

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