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This group was started in January of 09 this year in hopes that like minded individuals can get together and participate in bookmark exchanges and group reading.

Here is the run down of what you can expect from this group:

- Book of the Month (Mod: Tricia)

- Side/Mini group read (this will vary in type) (Mod: Kenjii)

- Monthly Challenges: With different themes/categories each month. (Mod: Delicious Dee)

- Buddy Reading: Your choice of book didnt get picked for a monthly read? No worries! You can create a buddy read thread and read it with other members who might be interested :D

We are always open to suggestions, so please feel free to let us know what you think.

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Folders Explanation:
There are many folders here in the group and for new members it might be a bit much to take in so here they are with a little explanation of what goes in each.

Announcements & Special Events
All contests and Admin announcements will go here.

This stands for Book of the Month.
This is our ever changing themed monthly group read. (sometimes we will have a theme of the month and sometimes its an FFA read) All weekly and ffa discussions for this monthly will be held here.

Mini Read
This is the Side/Mini Read section.
The theme may or may not change with this one and all weekly and ffa discussion threads for this monthly will go in here.

Chit Chat
This folder is for book chatter that is not relevant to the chosen monthly group reads/authors.

Book Challenges
Some of us like to be challenged in our reading, and this is the folder for all of our monthly book challenges! Each month we will have 2 different challenges.
(Feel free to suggest a challenge of your own!)

Buddy Reads
Not everyone's suggestion can get picked for our monthly group reads. So we created a folder to compromise and give our members a place to post a request for a buddy read! This allows them to find other members interested in the same book and have a thread they can discuss it in just the same as our monthly reads.

Fun & Games
This folder is for all of those little fun quizzes and games that we all love.

Resources & Links
This folder is for all sorts of resourceful links members wish to share with us. Whether it be author websites or lists of new releases.

Self Promotion
If you wish to promote a contest or are an author wanting to promote yourself and your books this is the place to do it in. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you post them anywhere else they may be deleted without warning.

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Updated the Infos to reflect the new changes :D

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