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What does it look like when you are reading? Where do you prefer to sit? Do you lay on your bed? Do you like to be outside? Tell me about what your perfect reading location is and what elements contribute to making you have a great reading session.

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message 1: by Margo (new)

Margo | 4 comments Mod
I like to read on my bed or on the couch. I can read almost anywhere, but those are the best positions. I need to have good light because sometimes my eyes get tired. When I read I hate to be interrupted although it does happen. I always have a bookmark next to me (usually a receipt or a small scrap of paper) so I can save my place when someone interrupts me.

message 2: by Logan (new)

Logan I like to read inside on the ground. I can read even if there are people in the room but it is best if it is quiet. I don't like reading in class because it is too distracting for me. I like to be at home.

message 3: by Ryley (new)

Ryley Story | 3 comments some times i like to read out side. some times it gets to loud to read so i go inside. then i also like to read inside some times i read at night

message 4: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Halstad I like to read inside my hous on my couch. I like to read there because it is usualy quite and if it isnt I can usualy make it queite.

message 5: by Elaina (new)

Elaina | 4 comments I don't really care where I read. I'm usually to absorbed in the book to notice. If I do, it's not a good book. But I do like reading outside with my book in the shade and everywhere else in the sun. I like reading in my hammock when it's not covered in leaves. I also like reading in bed at night, but then I'll lose track of time and be late for school. ; )

Peace, Love, and Kittens! -Elaina

message 6: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Carter I prefer to read in the library or at home in my bedroom with the door closed. I like reading in these places because they're is no noise or people to bother me (like family or friends). The down side to reading in these is that it get quite and I have to turn on the T.V. Or leave the room to some place more noisy.

message 7: by McKenzie (new)

McKenzie (mckenzielowry) For me, I prefer to be in my room, sitting in my bed, curled up in my pillows and blankets listening to music. I can concentrate better and it makes my mind open so if there's anything I don't understand, I can re-read it and it will make sense. I also love reading in my living room when it's cloudy and rainy. It creates a whole new element for me and it feels so amazing. I don't know. As long as i am quiet and comfy and there's nothing to distract me, I don't care where I am.

message 8: by Jordan (last edited Sep 19, 2012 05:56PM) (new)

Jordan (c00kie_m0nstah) I like to read in my bed, curled up in the covers laying sideways with my head in the palm of my hand and my book resting on my pillow, supported my free hand. I like to read this way because i think it's very relaxing and comfy. I like to have my T.V on, but the volume isn't turned up very high because I like to have some noise... But not too much... so having my T.V on very little is just right for me.

message 9: by Litzy (new)

Litzy I really to read were im alone comfortable and peacful because then i can really concetrate on the book so basically anywere as long as its quiet

message 10: by Hailey (new)

Hailey Story | 3 comments I honestly dont care where I read, Although i prefer my room on my bed so that its comphy and I can concentrate. Somtimes if it is nice ill read outside on a blancket in the grass, but I seem to focus more when im in my room with the pillows surrrounding me!(:

message 11: by Daniel (new)

Daniel I like to read on the couch and my bed.I like to read when the sun goes down because I think it is wasting good daylight and it really annoys me.I cant stay in the same position for a long time.I mostly read before I to go bed.I go to bed early or late depending on how good the book is.

message 12: by Dead (new)

Dead (marcwashere) I like to read sitting or lying down. Lying without my pillow propped up hurts my neck. I'd like to read outside too.

message 13: by Dead (new)

Dead (marcwashere) Daniel wrote: "I like to read on the couch and my bed.I like to read when the sun goes down because I think it is wasting good daylight and it really annoys me.I cant stay in the same position for a long time.I m..."

I agree
That is why I read outside.

message 14: by Nickolas (new)

Nickolas i like sitting on the couch when i read and i like to lay on my bed and the floor

message 15: by Jake (new)

Jake Sistek (wizzy19) | 3 comments I like to read in a peaceful enviorment and sit in a cozy chair or a fluffy couch.

message 16: by Jarrett (new)

Jarrett | 3 comments I love to read outside (when it's not 100+ outside). But I can read most any place.

message 17: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 19, 2012 08:31PM) (new)

I really don't care where I read although i do like a quiet room or the fresh breeze outside i also stay up all night reading my book so i guess i like reading on my bed and my couch. but my best opinion where to read is a room ( it does not matter which room) with no people that is extraordinary quiet and nothing unexpected. i always look at each page a home before my sister pops out takes the book and hide it oh and im also not good with music in my ears while i am reading.

message 18: by Serene (new)

Serene (abcs1358) I almost always read on my bed laying down. I really don't like reading without a blanket even if it's hot. Also when I read if I don't like the book I start falling asleep so when you see me reading if I look tired obviously I don't like the book. One other place I like reading is the car because I like to look up and see things. Like when I finish a chapter I stop to think about it and I like looking at things.

message 19: by Richard (new)

Richard Reinhart I like to read in my house on the couch because that is a place where I can just sit down and relax. Another place I like to read is my bedroom because that is one of the only places in my house where i can get peace and quiet

message 20: by Stacey (new)

Stacey (c00k13m0n5tr) | 5 comments Normally, I like to lay down on my bed at home that is full of peace and quiet because thats when I am really interested in my book and well, just reelaxed

message 21: by Melissa (new)

Melissa I like to read in my bedroom at home or in my backyard
because it's just peaceful and quiet.

message 22: by Max (new)

Max | 4 comments I read my books on my bed laying on my back at night.

message 23: by Jadan (new)

Jadan (DeathComZero100) | 1 comments I like to read in my bed because it helps to sleep at night.

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